Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

21 August 2015

Series 9

Doctor Who returns with its ninth revived series on the 19 of September, later this year.
It Features Peter Capaldi for his second series, Jenna Louise-Coleman for her third series and also features the Return of Mary Poppins on Acid from space, as Missy is back for the two part series opener The Magician's Apprentice and the Witch's Familiar.
 Series Nine will consist of Four two-part stories and four single feature stories, meaning twelve episodes.
Back are the Zygons, Daleks from across the ages and a large variety of new monsters never before seen, including one that looks a bit like a dragon.
It has also been revealed that Game Of Throne's Star Maisie Williams, will be starring in the new series along with Reece Sheersmith who starred in The League Of Gentlemen along with Mark Gatiss.
Two trailers for the series can be found below.

According to Mr Moffat, this series will change the way that we see two-parters as he described episode 11 as the strangest and most ambitious episode ever. And so I hold out hope for the next series of Doctor Who.


  1. Return of the Classic Cliffhanger!

    1. The Cliffhanger. How you would be treated to such delights as a screaming Jo Grant, A screaming Dalek or the most perilous of all, a FLOOR TILE. They were always such a major component of the classic series and would most of the time always be worth it in the modern series and so It will be a very interesting twelve episodes and ones to certainly look forward to.

  2. Replies
    1. Mr Tobor, this was always to be the intention. Strange dragony-things running amok,orange suckery things in London and in the first trailer you can clearly see a two headed thingy wearing a hat.
      I think that it safe to say that series nine will be full of thingies.

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