Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

29 August 2013

Series seven catch up 1: Asylum of the daleks

Welcome, once again human infants lacking the intellectual stances that I possess and making me soon to be ruler of Earth, I am starting a simple guide to the new Series of Doctor Who.
In case you have been foolish enough to miss series 7 from the beginning, then here is what you have been missing.
 Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a spaceship, A town called Mercy, The power of three, The angels take Manhattan Christmas special, The Snowmen, The bells of St John, The Rings of Akhaten, Cold war, Hide, Journey to the centre of the TARDIS, The crimson horror, Nightmare in silver, The name of the Doctor and the 50 anniversary special

Asylum of the Daleks
By Steven Moffat
Running time: Fifty Minutes
Series Link: Oswin Oswald
Episode number:784
Enemy: Insane Daleks. Daleks

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith
Amy Pond: Karen Gillan
Rory Williams (due to divorce Amy): Arthur Darvil
Oswin Oswald: Jenna-Louise Coleman
Daleks Voiced by Nicholas Briggs

Plot Summary 
On Skaro, The Daleks request the Doctor's help to travel down to a Dalek Prison and destroy the Asylum.

In Detail
The Doctor is lured to what is left of Skaro, home
 world of the Daleks by Darla Von Karlson, a servant of the Daleks who is also referred to as a puppet. Fitted with guns in the hand and an eyestalk from the 'forehead', she teleports him to the Parliament of the Daleks. Companions Amy and Rory have also been taken from Earth 2012 and have just  completed their divorce papers.

The Parliament is populated by Bronze daleks who have no rank, unlike the progenitor Daleks.
The Prime Minister who is a pure Dalek mutant in a glass case, tells them of a Dalek planet known as the Asylum, containing Daleks who are imperfect and insane battle scarred but are strong enough to escape the the force field around the planet. To prevent this, he sends Amy , Rory and the Doctor down to the Asylum to deactivate the force field, enabling the parliament to destroy the Dalek Prison.The Daleks say that they cannot kill them themselves as destroying such pure hatred would contravene with their sense of Beauty.
The Dalek Prime Minister: Such Beauty
The Parliament Of the Daleks.
The Parliament recieves a message from the centre of the Asylum, called the Habanera Aria .
The message is from Oswin Oswald,who was junior entertainment manager on the starship Alaska that crashed over a year ago. In that time she explains that she was defending herself from Dalek attacks and making souffles, although there is no explanation as to where she got the milk for the souffles.
The Alaska crashing into the planet, disturbed the force field, again risking the escape of thousands of mad Daleks.
The force field isn't damaged enough for the regular Daleks to begin their attack and it can only be disabled from inside the planet itself. To allow this to happen The Prime Minister, instructs the Three travelers to complete the task.

They are given special devices that go around their wrists and which protects them from the Nano cloud.
The Nano cloud ,when exposed to, kills, freezes, rots and then it reanimates the body to kill.
The Doctor and Amy on the asylum planet.
A portal in the Parliament sends them all to The Asylum, each in different places.
Amy and The Doctor land close to each other, however Rory is sent to the section of the Asylum which holds deactivated Daleks.
They start to wake but cannot speak properly forming only the sound "eggs"
Rory then finds one of the globes that usually fits on the lower slats on a Dalek.
He presumes them to be the "eggs " that the Dalek was muttering about. But then it wakes up fully, and Rory trips over something and the noise causes all the Daleks to animate themselves.
Rory in the Asylum Holding an 'egg'
Stupid Rory
The Doctor meanwhile finds what looks like a Dalek eyestalk showing outside of the snow covered area.
It turns out to be the Camera that Oswin uses to track the Doctor.

He then sees Amy and together the are guided to the Alaska by a survivor called Harvey.
However they discover that Harvey had really died and that his form was only maintained by the bracelet that protects people from the the nano cloud.
Now unprotected he becomes one of the other skeletons controlled by Daleks known as Dalek 'Puppets'. Like Darla, The skeletons have concealed weapons hidden in the hands and an eyestalk that stems out of the 'forehead'. The Alaska pod seems to be littered with corpses who are also puppets and who then become animated. They take Amy's bracelet and she begins to hallucinate and convert.
As an effect of the hallucinations: Amy begins to mistake Daleks for ordinary people and ballet dancers.
The Doctor suspects that as soon as the force field is deactivated, the Daleks will destroy the asylum and then he realises that Rory's hideout is a machine in which they can travel back to the Dalek's
parliamentary spacecraft. If the doctor saves Oswin's life, she will deactivate the force field as they return.
While waiting, Rory Tries to give his bracelet to Amy. As the Doctor had said that love would slow down the conversion, Rory states that he loved Amy more than she loved him and so would be converted more slowly but Amy argues that she had always loved him equally. However the Doctor had already sneaked his bracelet onto her and had only tried to get them to discuss things with each other. 
We then find out that when The Alaska crashed, the Daleks captured Oswin after she had reached the asylum and turned her into a Cyborg due to her 'dalek level' of intellect. As she is unable to cope with her conversion, her mind retreats into the fantasy that she is still a human.When the Doctor, now angry tries to tell Oswin, he asks her where she got the ingredients for the souffle However she is unable to kill the Doctor as she still retains some human emotions .
The Doctor learns the truth about Oswin.
Oswin keeps her promise and deactivates the force-field and asks in return, that the Doctor remember her as the human she once was..
Returning to Amy and Rory , they teleport back to the TARDIS to the Dalek Parliament, where the Daleks  class him as an intruder. It seems that when the planet containing the asylum was destroyed, every Daleks' memory of the Doctor was wiped, and as the Doctor departs, he delights in the Parliament's final question to him: "Doctor Who?"

If You have access to BBC Three, then you can watch part five of the first part of this series The Angels Take Manhattan Tomorrow at 7 pm and the Bells Of st John On Saturday At 7 pm on the same channel.

Episode Two :Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Coming soon