Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

21 August 2015

Series 9

Doctor Who returns with its ninth revived series on the 19 of September, later this year.
It Features Peter Capaldi for his second series, Jenna Louise-Coleman for her third series and also features the Return of Mary Poppins on Acid from space, as Missy is back for the two part series opener The Magician's Apprentice and the Witch's Familiar.
 Series Nine will consist of Four two-part stories and four single feature stories, meaning twelve episodes.
Back are the Zygons, Daleks from across the ages and a large variety of new monsters never before seen, including one that looks a bit like a dragon.
It has also been revealed that Game Of Throne's Star Maisie Williams, will be starring in the new series along with Reece Sheersmith who starred in The League Of Gentlemen along with Mark Gatiss.
Two trailers for the series can be found below.

According to Mr Moffat, this series will change the way that we see two-parters as he described episode 11 as the strangest and most ambitious episode ever. And so I hold out hope for the next series of Doctor Who.

16 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse:Part Five


Story: The Happiness Patrol
Year: 1988
Doctor faced:The Seventh
Companion faced: Ace

Played By Sheila Hancock

On the planet Terra Alpha, Helen A rules as the psychotic dictator who kills and records the deaths of unhappy people. She sets up the Happiness patrol, a bunch of stuck-up, uptight women dressed almost entirely in pink. and their job is to eliminate or arrest the Killjoys, otherwise known as depressed people or the sad.
Pink TARDIS. Why? Just Why? What could possibly justify this?

Helen A goes about things with an eerie calmness, always smiling and yet despite being constantly happy and acting just a little bit high, I cannot help but feel a certain level of respect for this woman. This remarkable woman has various methods of executing people, from the firing squad, to the fondant surprise, which entails drowning people in an enclosed tube full of strawberry fondant. Not the most effective method of death but points for it being the most creative.
Meanwhile, Trevor Sigma, in charge of the Galactic Census Bureau, has noticed and recorded the disappearances on a list that is over 5 metres long, which he shows the Doctor.

Trevor Sigma

Also in association with Helen A is the Kandyman, A being who will change the way that people think of Bertie Bassetts forever. This psychotic and quite clearly deranged massive sweetie man, is a Bio-Mechanoid made up of both cybernetics for the mechanical part and sugars and acids for the organic part, and here's the best part. He makes sweets that kill people.
Sweets that are so good that the human body just simply cannot cope with all the not Nestle then.
Slightly disgusting but at the same time a certainly unorthodox method of killing people.

Helen A doesn't feel sadness at first but she does feel irritation and anger which she has to hide very well from the rest of the Happiness Patrol, although I don't know why because every single other member of the Happiness Patrol and in fact every other employee of Helen A's on the planet Terra Alpha, is even more miserable than she is.
The Happiness Patrol
However at the very end of the Story after her husband leaves her and favourite and most beloved creature in existence, her pet is killed, she realises the importance of sadness and grieves over the loss of her stiff, two foot long growling rat-dog-concoction that she called Fifi. This is the moment where I stop having any for of respect for Helen A as she starts exhibiting such pointless emotions as sadness

Top image and Kandyman images copyright last of the Zolfa Thurans and its creator who goes by the name of Master Meglos

12 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: Part Four


Story: The Armageddon Factor
Mawdryn Undead
Years: 1979 and 1983
Doctors faced: The Fourth and the Fifth
Companions faced: Romana 1, Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough

Played By Valentine Dyall

The Black Guardian, the Guardian of Darkness who has been in a constant rivalry with the White Guardian, the Guardian of Light and peace. The two of them are needed to maintain the equilibrium of the Universe, whatever that may be. But in order to maintain this quibribliam-brilililium-thingy of the universe, a perfect cube was constructed: The Key To Time. Scattered into Six segments, the key was put back together again by the Doctor, K9 and his new companion Romana, who hunted down all six of the strewn pieces.
Where the White Guardian wanted to use the cube to restore the balance of the universe, the Black Guardian would have used it for something, totally, utterly evil, an evil which is never actually explained. The species of the Guardians is the Guardians Of Time and they are even more powerful than the Time Lords themselves
The Key To Time
The Black Guardian, much like all others, is able to disguise himself as anyone he wishes and has the power to influence anyone. He works in bargaining with people and after a car crash on Earth at a boarding school in the 20th century, populated by schoolboys who look to in their mid 20's, Vislor Turlough was saved from death by the Black Guardian himself. The two of them strike a bargain, the condition being that if Turlough kills the Doctor, he can return home back to his own planet of Trion.
Turlough and the Black Guardian

 But Turlough was a brat with attitude and suspiciously ginger eyebrows and failed the Guardian who then tried to kill him. When the Doctor denied the Black Guardian Access to the Key To Time, the Guardian tried to take control of Enlightenment. But a race of powerful immortal beings called the Eternals, decide to entertain themselves to pass the boredom. They have a space race to reach enlightenment, which can bring all your desires and wishes into being. A crystal of colossal size, one Eternal, Captain Wrack, who was also a follower of the Black Guardian, was prepared to kill to gain the crystal. 

The crystal Enlightenment behind one of the Eternal's Ships

The Eternal Captain Wrack

However, when the Black Guardian was denied enlightenment, not only by the Doctor but by the  White Guardian also, he threw a bit of a temper tantrum. And as is always the result of temper tantrums, he burst into flames, screaming.

Because he admires all things dark and evil, it is believed that the Black Guardian was somehow responsible for Vampires becoming true Vampires with a full moon. He saw potential of them being creatures of Chaos.

He did lead two more attempts to reclaim the Key To Time but because he's a little bit useless, he failed both times. (In the Audio adventure DESTROYER OF DELIGHTS and the comic adventure TIME AND TIME again)

7 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: Part Three

Story: The Curse Of Fenric
Years: 1989
Season 26: Story Three
Doctor faced: The Seventh
Companions faced: Ace

Played By Dinsdale Landen and Tomek Bork

Ancient evil from the Dawn of Time, Fenric has the power to change the future of the Earth itself. So what magnificence does he choose to inherit his power? The body of a crippled middle aged man. Some say he is as old as the universe itself, that's Fenric, not the middle aged man. However, it is believed that he originated in a universe before this one.

"Peek-A-Boo!" says the Haemovore

 Fenric first encountered the Doctor in the 3rd century  AD, Constantinople, where he had adopted the identity known as Aboo-Fenran. Fenran had been terrorizing the area when prince El-Amjad tried to get him to leave. Fenric agreed but only on the conditions that he claim the first thing that the Prince named when he returned to his castle.  This was the Prince's youngest daughter. Unable to part with his child, El-Amjad instead, sent Fenric a chest of gold. But when Fenric learned of this, he decided to continue to ravage the countryside.
Fenric in another host body.

When the Doctor arrived however, he challenged Fenric to one of the cruelest and most challenging games of all. Chess.
 The Doctor manages to convince Fenric that with one more move, he would win the game. And so Fenric spent another 40 days trying to figure out what that winning move might be. Each day, he grew weaker and weaker, by which point the Doctor was able to trap Fenric in a flask and banish him to the Shadow Dimensions.

The inscriptions warning others of Fenric

Fenric became an established character in Norse Mythology and that is where the name came from. The myths described a monstrous wolf which would destroy the world at the end of time during the final battle between Gods and Beasts.
However Fenric's power were such that he was able to set into motion a chain of events that would eventually ensure his escape.

The Great One...Oh dear.

He summoned the Ancient One, a being known as a Haemovore from the future. When Vikings stole his flask in around the 10th century, the Haemovore followed then to Northumbria and Maidens's Point and the Vikings buried the flask, warning that it was cursed, in runic inscriptions.
The Haemovores waited underneath the waters of Maiden's Bay gradually recruiting more and more members. And there, the Haemovores, also known as the Wolves of Fenric. awaited their Master's release.

4 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: Part 2



Story: The Enemy Of The World
Years: 1968
Doctor faced: The Second
Companions faced: Victoria Waterfield, Jamie McCrimmon

Played by Patrick Troughton

A Mexican Patrick Troughton. I mean, how could I resist? how could anyone resist?

Look at it. Look at it in all of its Salamandered Glory. This is what they should all be like.

In the Twenty-first century, a man known as Salamander had not only been causing natural disasters, but he had also been slowly trying to gain dominance over the planet. Completely loved by the public, Salamander attempted to take over the world by having such a positive influence on the people, both the public and presumably the politicians. But he hadn't been doing this alone. And so to aid in the destruction of the planet through various natural disasters, he took a few dozen people, convinced that the world had been savagely ravaged (He, he) by a nuclear war and he placed them underground, forever sealed off from the outside world above. Completely oblivious to the fact that they are aiding Salamander in the murder and destruction of their own people, these underground dwellers, carry out research and operate pieces of machinery at his command as they create the disasters plaguing Earth.

Salamander always has with him a somewhat creepy grin and looks constantly untrustworthy and so
it was probably his idea that all those who work for him wear tight, leather outfits.
He does try to gain access to the TARDIS by posing as the Doctor at the end of the Story but due to his natural inability to fake a convincing British accent (just as Troughton failed to fake a convincing Mexican accent) he was discovered and thrown out into the Time Vortex whilst the TARDIS was in flight. But who knew that in 1968, the Time Votex looked like a light shower of large sparkly, silvery sequins in front of pitch blackness? 

Salamander Ecotechnology
Shopkeeper Of The World

Here, Salamander describes himself as the Shopkeeper Of The World.
Not a job that I would usually like to be associated with but Salamander is a bit insane.
Leave him to his ways.
Leave him to his poor life choices.

1 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: part one


Not all the villains in the Doctor Who Universe are actual monsters. This portion of the blog about villains, which will run alongside the monsters and aliens section.


Madame Karabraxos

Story: Time Heist
Year: 2014
Doctor faced: The Twelfth
Companion faced: Clara Oswin Oswald

Played by Keeley Hawes

Madame Karabraxos. Is a heartless psychopath with no remorse, who likes to burn her own clones. How could you not love this, cold, unfeeling woman?
One of Madame Karabraxos's clones: Miss Delphox

In Charge of the Bank of Karabraxos, Madame Karabraxos would create clones of herself to take charge on the surface, whilst she hid underground in the private vault with her own fortune. Greedy wretch. But because she hates her own clones, because she can't stand looking into her own eyes and seeing what lies behind them, she has the clones violently incinerated. 'Fired with pain', destroyed and completely wiped from the very face of existence! This is a woman to be adored.
She will quite willingly have people killed and brutally murdered and not bat an eyelid and this is why she makes an almost perfect Villain.
She ensures that intruders to the bank, are either incinerated or turned into 'spoonheads, where their brains are completely removed but yet the victims still remain alive. This is what she would term 'security'. Karabraxos then has the spoon heads put on display for all other would-be-intruders to stare at and be scared.
A marvelous, wonderful woman.

When solar flares threatened to destroy the bank of Karabraxos, Madame Karabraxox (COULDN'T THE WOMAN HAVE CHOSEN A SHORTER NAME FOR HERSELF, SHE RUNS A BANK FOR JEZEBEL'S SAKE!) fled the planet with some of her smaller, more accessible riches, as well as the Doctor's number which he leaves for her, telling him to call her. 
The age difference is a bit disgusting but...

It turns out that the reason the Doctor actually left Karabraxos her number, was so that when she eventually became a decrepit old husk on the verge of death, full of regrets, she could call him and ask for help..
And so she did just that, opening the conversation with " I'm full of regrets" and when the Doctor, Clara and their two allies on this venture, Psi and Saibre realise this, they also realise that she probably was referring to the creature that she had kept locked up. 
The Teller that was used by Miss Delphox
For you see, Karabraxos kept two creatures. One that was always locked up, never to be seen by the public and the other which was used by Miss Delphox to detect the guilt of others. She called this one 'The Teller'. But The Teller was always treated as nothing more than a pet and always seem to have a certain sadness in it's eyes. So when the Doctor freed the locked up creature, the two aliens were finally reunited and set free. 
Miss Delphox and the Teller in the background
And watching them walk off into the sunset, these two slightly disgusting blobs of grey and brown holding hands, or whatever the equivalent it, growling all the way, is a heartfelt, touching moment and not sickening and queasy to watch at all. No, absolutely not at all.