Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

30 April 2015

A-Z Challenge of Monsters and Villains:File Z- Zygons



The Zygons of Zygor, are shape shifting aliens that contain venomous sacks within the tongue and are apparently, surprisingly good kissers.
Their home planet, Zygor was destroyed in a stellar explosion, or in the Time War. Doctor Who writers are quite indecisive.

Hey sweetcheeks, apparently I'm a great kisser, so pucker up!
Giant, orange and covered in suckers, the Zygons have red blood and speak in a whisper and a gurgling voice both at the time. They are hermaphrodites but when younger, are white in colour, suckerless, feminine and graceful. Obviously as they got older, things went very wrong.
Most of their technology seems to be quite organic and the interior of Zygon ships could easily have been created from coral or a living substance. They have also created the Scarasen, which is organic, stupid, produces milk and is known as the Loch-Ness monster because of its time in Scotland. The Zygons feed off it's milk which is just wrong and rather disgusting.

Master Meglos

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains :File U-Urbankans


The Urbankans came from the planet Urbanka and over 40000 years they ago, began turning themselves into androids.
They were green and lumpy and looked like stupid space frogs. they could secrete poisons from their neck glands, of which one trillionth of a gramme could reduce a humanoid to the size of a grain of salt. The Urbankans also created androids and had very advanced technology that matched that of the Time Lords.

Their Androids were advanced, strong intelligent and fast and could be stopped by removing a computer chip from them.
They had also created monopticans, flying androids which were commonly used as camera's.

The Planet Urbanka was made uninhabitable in the 700's after they had mined their own world to depletion. They planned to do the same thing to Earth had they the chance.

One Urbankan, Monarch had devised a way of faster-than-light travel and he planned to use this to travel back in time to meet God which he believed to be himself.
Arrogant Amphibious reptile.

Master Meglos

29 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters an Villains. From V to Y

As I am now behind in the A-Z Challenge, the next four posts will be a brief description from V to X.

File V

The vervoid were a plant like species, designed by scientists to be used as slaves. They were not however as my mother describes them, "one set of genitalia inside another."

They look nothing like...oh dear.
As tall as humans, the Vervoids grew in pods which when exposed to a higher range of light, saw them come to life. Their lifespans however, were quite short, meaning that they survived for no more than a year. They were able to release a type of gas from what appeared to be their mouths, when panicked, and shoot poisonous darts from the short tendrils that passed as their arms.
Fed up with being slaves to humankind, the Vervoids decide to destroy the humans and fight for freedom.

Oh dear. Oh very very dear me...


White Guardian

Also known as The Guardian Of Light In Time and although neither a monster or a villain, the White Guardian is an essential character in The Key To Time series. Seen as the embodiment of good, the White Guardian sent The Doctor and companion Romana on a quest to find the the six segments of the key to time, which had been scattered across the universe in many forms. This was essential in order to,  "allow the restoration of balance and order by freezing all time for just a moment."
For just  a moment? Hardly seems worth the effort.

The White Guardian


Xoanon was a supercomputer, thought to be the most powerful in the world. Originally built to guide an expedition, Xoanon with it's sensory links, ability to electrify walls, mind control and blow up half a planet, (Apple must be so jealous right now) soon evolved into a living creature, who then went a bit mad. How mad? Well, it also developed a split personality, that of a woman and a child. They just don't make computers like they used to.

 Xoanon, not playing very nicely with the Doctor.


Looking like a cross between a walking clump of mud and a coat that's been left out in poor conditions, the Yeti is actually mechanical in nature.
Created  by The Great Intelligence, first as protectors and then later as an army, the Yetis were disguised to bend into the surroundings of the Himalayas. 

Does this look like it's blending into it's surroundings to you? Does it?.
The robot yetis, the ' Mark I, had yellow teeth and green eyes, with black claws and feet, which were the only parts not covered by an abundance of fur. The Yeti Mark II however, was much more superior and had hands that were capable of holding web guns.

Oh look at the Yeti blending into it's surroundings. I cannot see it standing next to the TARDIS at all! Why It's just like playing  'Where's Wally?'
The Mark III was superior still and boasted a control sphere that had the ability to turn humans into Yetis via a nano instructor inducing immediate atomic restructuring, I don't know what that means either. Oh,, and they could also fire webs from their claws. 
It is believed by people with obvious mental issues, that the Yeti robots are based on the original Tibetan Yeti.

Master Meglos

24 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File T- Terileptils


Giant alien fish people.
Those words sum up the Terileptils in one.
These amphibious beings have a great love for both war and beauty and once allied themselves with the inhabitants of the planet Hakol in the Rifta system.
The Terileptils of Terileptus all seemed to vary in colour, ranging from red, to blue to green.
Such a great range.
 Around the necks each Terileptil appeared a leafed display that was supposedly meant to be scales or gills, or fins, or whatnot.
They breathed through their gills and had raspy hoarse voices at times. Their hands and feet were like flippers, their mouth full of sharp teeth and they breathed in a Soliton gas, which was essential for their survival. For a Race so evil, they looked unnaturally smiley.
Terileptil Technology
Their technology was also very advanced They managed to devise equipment that could release Soliton Gas into the area nearest to them and therefore allow them to breathe. These devices came in the form of Atmospheric Processors.
"Well, hello my dear."
They were also partly responsible for the Great Fire of London in 1666 but this was due to an accident when a Terileptil gun exploded on the floor amongst some straw and hey presto. And so along with the hay, the Terileptils were also destroyed.
So...clumsy fish, stupid fish, dead fish.

Damaged eye on the Terileptil leader on Earth

Master Meglos

22 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains: File S - Skovox Blitzer



You can now purchase your very own Skovox Blitzer! For the total price of only 8.6 thousand pounds, this new and exclusive remote controlled toy can be YOURS!


Run down Corridors
Shoot light bulbs into oblivion
say: "Problem Solution Destroy"
Invade Space
Blow apart foolish police officers
Talk to you in times of need 
Nothing else really but it's entertaining to watch it scurry about with it's limited arm movement.

The Skovox Blitzer talking to the Doctor in his hour of need.

And then after all that excitement of your Blitzer trying to kill you, it can be easily deactivated, simply by blasting it into space.

New State of the Art product out now!
Warning! Not for children over 36 month.
Skovox Blitzer product may try to obliterate your babies and house pets.
Do not leave unattended, an adult must be by your Skovox Blitzer product at all times.

And remember: If you have a Problem, we can give you a Solution before it Destroys you!

For help on the product contact:
034-100110-02-086 or

and if your product goes faulty call the same number above or email!

Master Meglos

21 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File Q - Quarks


The Quarks made their first and only on-screen appearance, in one of Doctor Who's biggest failures, 'The Dominators.' (1968) In this story, actually I don't quite know what happens in this story. There is shouting, rocks, volcanic eruptions and tiny robots played by tiny, tiny children. 
The Quarks were the robot servants of a cruel and alien race known as the Dominators, who enslaved different races. They were box like, very primitive, simple and had incredibly annoying high-pitched voices.

Point at them and laugh hysterically! Crouch down to make them look big and scream!
It is unknown what the purpose of the spikes on top of their heads were really for because they didn't actually do anything. They also had large rectangular compartments on their box-like chests, where they could fold their arms.

Wallpaper backgrounds always make for effective alien skies on different worlds.
They also had a catchy little war cry, which went something like this, "Fear Us! For with us now we possess shelves that are unevenly aligned and so will do no good and prove to your organisational needs. But first here, let us just open our doors for you to let you experience just how difficult is to place items on us. THE TERROR!" Can't you just imagine that on Hallmark cards?

In many ways, the Quarks were, or would have been quite useful.
Their Weapons, although appearing to look quite stupid and pathetic, could in fact inflict a lot of damage upon a single being. In rocky terrains, the fire from a lone quark weapon could cause small explosions.

However, they were able to be killed very easily. From having massive boulders crashing into them to having slightly overweight aliens in toga's of some sort push them over, the Quarks were as sturdy as they not very sturdy at all then.

Master Meglos

19 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File P- Piper's Teeth


And now human slaves, I bring to you one of the greatest threats that television and indeed the universe has ever faced. For this enemy, unlike most other Doctor Who Monsters, creatures and Villains, is most certainly real and exists among us today.
Billie Piper's Teeth.

 For years, now they have continued to both terrify, puzzle and amuse the people of Earth as well as Whovians everywhere. These quite hostile beings seem to be slowly taking over Miss Piper's mouth, slowly growing and growing and growing and recently, glowing, until...well, it's just too hideous to contemplate.
It is believed that the possessions began when miss Piper released that musical poison "Because We Want To" in the earth year commonly known as nineteen hundred and eighty-eight.
It was then, that the entire world knew that there was no limit to her insanity and of the awesomely dangerous power of the molars.

In 2004 Miss Piper was hired to play the new Doctor Who companion. She was the first onscreen ally of the Doctor since 1996 and the companion who would fall in love with him
Via the power of Hypno, Billie tricked Show-runner Russell T. Davis into giving her the job and I bet he's regretted it ever since. Because for years, decades even, the nation were paralyzed by fear. People all across the world, pointed at her image in utter disgust, shouting and screaming: 'Who is this pathetic cockney, caterwauling hound of hell who has dared to pollute my prime-time televisual entertainment with her sickening love filth?' And if they didn't then they should have.

Throughout her time on the TARDIS, it gradually became clear that those Teeth of hers were in fact, growing and beginning to have an impact on the overall look of her entire face. Around the mouth became pushed out somewhat and all...well, see for yourself.

Since marrying Laurence Fox of the esteemed Fox family, Piper herself now isn't speaking all Chavey and Cockney-like and has instead, developed a sort of  posh accent... of sorts. This is a clear indicator that Miss Piper is now dead and is in fact, being controlled by the Teeth
Who knows when the trauma will end, probably never. That is why we should nuke her.

Master Meglos

17 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File O - Ogri


Rocks made of foam, on wheels. And a shiny woman.

Behold, foolish reader, the awesome power of the STONES! As part of 'THE KEY TO TIME SEASON,' (1978) THE STONES OF BLOOD brought us the Origi, creatures that fed off globulin from a planet known as Ogros.

The Doctor standing in a stone circle, where some of the Ogri have disguised themselves.

The Ogri were capable of movement...of  sorts. They seemed to move incredibly smoothly and given their rocky environment, wheels attached the base, may have been involved. They would glow when they moved and were just taller than a normal humanoid being .

Two Ogri together, both inactive.

The Orgri were composed of silicone and when dead, would turn into a grit like substance which would be more than useful during the snowy climate.
Although looking just a little bit foam like, they could withstand massive amounts of damage and apparently weighed up to three or four tons. They do not seem to able to communicate, probably because they looked like useless stones, and although they were not very intelligent, they could be programmed and modified to be intelligent. The Ogri also had very long lifespans, sometimes living up to or over 1000 years.

On Earth, the protein that they fed upon was called Globulin, which can also be found in blood. So whenever a victim touched an Ogri, they would have all their blood drained from them. However, on screen and despite only being drained of their vital fluids, all that would remain of the victims was their skeletal remains.
But then who would be stupid enough to see a massive foam-looking glowing, pulsating stone coming towards them, and willingly place their hands on said stone for up to half a minute, while they are slowly being drained?

A Victim of the Ogri.

Master Meglos