Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

28 January 2013

the Eighth Doctor

Paul Mcgann

On Skaro, the Master is put on trial by the Daleks and found guilty of a number of evil crimes. He is executed but before his death, his last  request was for the Doctor to take his remains back to his home planet of Galifrey.
Relaxing In his newly designed TARDIS and with the Master's remain on-board, things start to go wrong for the Doctor.
The case in which the Master's remains are stored, breaks open and a Sentient, a serpent like form, escapes from it. The form then enters the TARDIS control and changes the co-ordinates, steering them towards Earth.
The TARDIS land in San-Francisco, America, on New Years Eve 1999, where late at night, Chinese Gangs fight each other.
The Doctor is unfortunate enough to land where the gangs are present, and is shot through the shoulder. Chang-Lee, the only survivor of his gang, calls an ambulance
At the Hospital, an x-ray discovers that the Doctor has two hearts but the medics believe that it is just double exposure. When the operation goes wrong, they call in special Cardiologist, Grace Holloway but half-way through a cardiac probe, the Doctor wakes up and tells Grace that he needs a beryllium atomic clock before then dying. He is pronounced dead and placed in a Morgue,where during the night, he regenerates.

Meanwhile Chang-Lee having stolen the Doctor's  possessions, finds the key to the TARDIS and sees the Master standing there in his newly acquired body. He tells the gullible Chang that everything in the TARDIS was his and that the Doctor stole his bodies and his past lives.
He uses Chang to try and open the Eye of  Harmony within the TARDIS, an object that could destroy the whole universe when opened.

The Doctor still a little confused from regenerating, begins to remember sections of time before his renewal took place and finding and recognising Grace Holloway in a lift,  follows her to her car.
 Grace examines the Doctor's Heartbeat realising that he does indeed have two hearts and finally his starts to piece together who he really is.
Knowing that the Eye Of Harmony is opening and it's affects, the Doctor confides in Grace, who at first, doesn't believe him until he proves it by pushing through glass, stating that the structure of things is weakening and that they have until midnight, or the universe will be sucked into the Eye of Harmony.

They try using an ambulance to get to the Institute of Technological Advancement  And Research but the ambulance is driven by Chang and the Master who the Doctor has not yet recognised. The Doctor and Grace escape and steal a police motorbike. When they arrive at the Institute, (ITAR) the Doctor is able to collect the integrated circuit chip from the Millennium clock, the most accurate clock in the world and escape back to the TARDIS to install the chip in order to stop the clock from opening. The Master enters the TARDIS, and hypnotizes Grace to knock unconscious the Doctor, who is then chained above the Eye, so that the Master can steal his remaining regenerations. When Chang aware now of the Master's lies, refuses to open the Eye, he is killed.

The Eye Of Harmony has until midnight to open and it half-succeeds. Grace, no longer under the hypnotism of the Master, tries to help the Doctor but is killed when the Master throws her over a balcony.  This action gives the Doctor enough time to throw the Master into the Eye and as it absorbs him, the Eye closes and the TARDIS resurrects both Chang-Lee and Grace. They says a final  Goodbye, after Grace turns down the Doctor's offer to travel with him and he heads back to the TARDIS for a new adventure.

Although the Doctor's Regeneration is not explained, he records a series of Big Finish audio productions.

22 January 2013

The seventh Doctor

Sylvester McCoy
First appearance - Time And The Rani
Last appearance - Survival
First Episode

 The TARDIS is attacked by The Rani and makes a forced landing on the planet Lakertya, knocking unconscious, both Mel and the Doctor.
The Rani and her servants, the bat-like Tetraps, invade the TARDIS and finds the Doctor. As one of the Tetrap kneels over him and  turns him over to seek his identity, the Time Lord's features start to change once again as he regenerates in front of their very eyes.
While the Doctor is still unconscious, The Rani brings him to her laboratory and tries to run some tests on him.
Meanwhile one of the Lakertyans comes across the TARDIS and walks inside as the door is open. He takes the still unaware Mel but when she recovers, he accuses her of being a traitor and an alien spy as she is not in their image.
The Rani had previously kept two Lakertyans prisoner in her lab, the leader, Beyus and his daughter Sarn and when Sarn tries to escape, she encounteres a trap set by The Rani hidden into the ground and walking into it, kills herself.

The Rani then takes on the form of Mel before than trying to convince the Doctor that Mel is in fact The Rani. (Still following?) But when the Doctor finally encounteres the real Mel, they soon recognise each other as allies. We then discover that The Rani is in fact an exiled Time Lord who like the Master, travels throughout the universe un-detected. Her plan is to use the universes greatest minds to cause an asteroid, composed of Strange matter, to destroy Lakertya and change the 'History of Time'. She is eventually is stopped but the Tetraps take her to their home planet of Tetreapyriarbus, where she will rule over them forever. The Lakertyans now free, can live lives of their own and the Doctor and Mel depart.

Last Episode

Now with new companion Ace, an underage runaway, who absconded from home to work in space, The Doctor lands In Perivale on Earth, at her request.
She's back to catch up with all the friends that she abandoned but finds out that only one of them is still around.
They both visit  a newly rebuilt Fitness club, where all her friends used to hang out and as
the Doctor leaves, he comes across a strange cat with glowing green eyes, the Kitling of a feline race called the Cheetah People.

The Cheetah People have been transporting humans back to their home planet which is being devastated by war and every fight that occurs, tears apart the planet.
When Ace is transported there, she forms a bond with one of the Cheetah People, kara. before discovering that all of her friend had been taken there also.
Unfortunately for the humans, once they have been on the planet for a while, they become possessed. their eyes turning a yellowy-green  before then forgetting about their past live. Sometimes the transformation is full and the humans become one of the cat population.
Ace's Bond means that although she isn't hostile, she is absorbing and gaining the powers of the people. The Doctor soon discovers that it is The Master that is really controlling the Cheetah People. He uses the already turned Midge, a friend of Ace, to get him back to Earth, where the Time Lord, Ace and her now found friends, track him down. The hunt for him begins, as the Master is slowly turning and has already developed sharp teeth and the ability to hypnotise whole groups of people at a time.

The Master uses his new army to try and kill both Ace and the Doctor but Midge is killed in the ensuing battle.
Kara then appears and frightens the Master's Army away but is also killed when she tries to murder
the Master.
As Ace comforts her dying friend, Kara fully transforms into her true form, a human. The Doctor along with the Master, travel back to the planet,  now almost completely destroyed by fighting. The Master is left there and killed while the Doctor and Ace travel back to the TARDIS.

This is the last full televised adventure featuring Sylvester McCoy Although he returned briefly In the Paul McGann Film (The eighth Doctor) To film his Own regeneration scene.

19 January 2013

The Sixth Doctor

First Episode: The Twin Dilemma
Last Episode: The Trial Of A Time Lord

After regenerating the Doctor loses control and tries to kill his companion Peri, quoting that 'In ancient Persian mythology, a Peri is a fairy that is not only good and beautiful but is also known for it's evil'.

 Twins geniuses Romulus and Remus Sylvest,  receive a call from an old man by the name of Proffesor Edgeworth, who then kidnaps the pair and takes them to a base located on a spacecraft run by Gastropod, slug-like creatures. The leader of this race, Mestor, tells Edgeworth to take the Twins to Titan III, another planet, as he wants to use the twins as part of his dastardly scheme.
The father of the twins contacts the authorities who send in commander Hugo Lang, who finds Zanium in the twin's rooms, which is a sign of intergalactic kidnap.

 Lang's ship enters warp speed which it is not equipped to do and it crashes on Titan III, where the TARDIS has also landed and the Doctor is recovering from his previous regeneration..
The Doctor and Peri try to help Lang, who at first, believes them to be enemies.

On Jaconda, Mestor's home planet, he intends on causing an enormous explosion to spread his eggs throughout the Galaxy and  for this, he needs the twins to solve the necessary equation needed.
The Doctor and Peri try to prevent Mestor's plan from commencing, when the Doctor recognises Edgeworth as a Time Lord called Azmael, who used to be his friend on Galifrey.
Azmael however, kills himself in the process of killing Mestor and freeing his prisoners along with the twins.

The Doctor stands trial


The Time Lords take the Doctor out of time and place him on a Galifreyan trial ship.
Although not knowing why he has been brought there, the news that he may stand trial, does not come as a large surprise to him.
He is found guilty of interfering too much with the affairs of other planets and species and 'unbecoming' a Time Lord.
While The Inquisitor takes notes and observes, the Valeyard, who is comprised of the darker aspects of the Doctor's character, supplies knowledge from the greatest power and information databank in the universe,  known as the Matrix.
The first piece of evidence shown, deals with the affairs of the planet Ravalox.
This is where along with Peri, the Doctor discovers that Ravalox is in fact Earth shifted from it's original position in the solar system and that it has almost been completely destroyed by a fire that has been raging for over a thousand years. Two Rogue criminals, Sabalom Glitz and Dibber arrive on Ravalax to retrieve a series of data  hidden by a race of Andromedans called The Sleepers.
The planet is inhabited by the Tribe of The Free, a group of humans led by Queen Katryca who believes that a space article is in fact a sacred object from the Gods. Another tribe who call themselves the Underground Dwellers, believe in the 'Three Sacred Books and worship the element of water, as they believe it is the last source of liquid since the fireball struck earth. All live in fear of the immortal one, Drathro, a robot who lives in secret with the dwellers and depends entirely on the 'Black Light' that the space object provides. The Doctor and Peri,, assisted by a dweller, members of the tribe of The Free and Drathros' human assistants, manage to destroy the robot.
The trial has now officially begun...


Arriving on Thoros-Beta, Peri and they Doctor encounter Sil, a slimy, and short hostile alien whom they have met  before and here, they are accused of killing the Raak, an experimental creature created by a scientist named Crozier.
With Sil not believing the Doctor had nothing to do with the murder, he links him up to One Of Croziers machines to extract the truth from the Time Lord. But it alters the Doctor's mind, causing him to become hostile to all those around him, including Peri and  he soon finds himself becoming an ally of the Mentors, Sil's fellow species.
 This process wakes King Yrcanos, a warrior of the Krontep who was also one of Croziers tests.
The King and Peri ally themselves to stop both the Doctor and the Mentors, after the Time Lord tries to kill Peri by dragging her outside and chaining her to the Rocks of Sorrow. Sil's Superior Lord Kiv is weakening and Crozier discovers that he needs a new body. He makes an agreement that in order to save possible embarrassment, he would have Sil killed and use the body of Peri. 
The transfer is a success but Yrcanos kills himself and Peri to save everyone else.
It has not yet been discovered that the scenes at the trial and the Doctors part in them, has largely been distorted by the Valeyard. And so the trial continues.

The Doctor and Mel meet the Vervoids.

Struck by grief over the death of Peri, the Doctor is given a chance to present his version of evidence, which takes place on the space cruise liner, the HYPERION III. The Doctor and Melanie Bush, a  techno genius, receive a distress call emitting from Hyperion III, but when they arrive, they find that the May-day call was faked.
When security officer Rudge brings the Doctor and Mel to Commodore Travers, he reports that since his arrival, a man has already died.
Although they have have met before, the Commodore confines them to passenger quarters, where a species called Mogarians are homed, as their planet, Mogar is close to the ship.
Mel, while in the gym recieves a mysterious message and goes to investigate. She enters the cargo hold, where she meets, Edwards, a communications officer and asks him to show her around.
They enter a chamber where only sunlight is allowed and where mysterious pods are stored. These pods were found by Proffessor Lasky, another passenger.
When Edwards goes to enter the into the room, he is electrocuted and drops to the ground dead and an alien hand bursts out of one of the pods.
The Doctor, Mel, Lasky and the Commodore discover that the plant-like creatures in the Pods, Vervoids, have escaped. Rudge tries to steer the ship into the Black hole of Tartarus as he is working for the Vervoids. The Doctor uses Vionesium, a virus that destroys plant life, to kill the Vervoids and stop their plan from reaching earth and killing all of "Animal kind". The Doctor finds that he has no choice  but to wipe out the whole species of Vervoids, using the Magnesium.
But although he saves humanity, the Time Lords disapprove and the Valeyard charges him with  Article 7 of Galifereyan Law- Genocide...

The Valeyard- The Doctor's darker side

With no more evidence, the Time Lords call upon two witnesses to help the Doctors case, Melanie, and Sabalom Glitz who helped the Doctor on Ravalox, despite Glitz's criminal nature.
The Master than reveals himself to have been tampering with the Matrix, which is a serious crime and here's where we find out that the Valeyard is in fact the Doctor's darker side, somewhere in-between his twelfth and final incarnations. (Like the Dream Lord)
Glitz gives evidence that the reason he was on Ravalox was to retrieve data that had been stolen by the Andromedan Sleepers. The Time Lords then tracks the Sleepers to their secret base on Earth and drag the planet across time and space, almost annihilating all life in the process.
The Doctor and Glitz try to stop the Valeyard and the Master by entering the fictional virtual reality of the Matrix.
They come across the Fantasy Factory, the workplace of a Mr Popplewick who is assisted by Mr JJ Chambers, who turns out to be the Valeyard in disguise.
Bribed by the Master with the secrets he was looking for on Ravalox to lead the Doctor to the Valeyard, Glitz returns to the Fantasy Factory and there he finds the Master.  Mr Popplewick catches him and Glitz persuades him to lead him and the Doctor to Chambers. Glitz escapes with the data to the Master's TARDIS. In a fake version of the trial room, the Doctor is taken to face the charges of Genocide but his plan is prevented when the real Mel stops him from going.
Mr Popplewick turns out to be the Valeyard in yet another disguise, who is hiding a 'particle disseminator', a device that scatters particles. The Doctor blows up the Fantasy Factory and when the Matrix screen explodes, Mel saves the Time Lord from being killed.

. The Doctor destroyes the Valeyard and escapes saving the rest of the Time Lords from the Valeyard's plan. The Inquisitor offers the Doctor the chance to become president of Galifrey but he refuses and decides that the Inquisitor should take the role herself. She tells the Doctor that Peri survived and married King Yrcanos.
As the Doctor and Mel leave and the Inquisitor and other Time Lords depart, she gives orders to the keeper of the Matrix... the Valeyard...

Colin Baker's Regeneration scene was really meant to take place in the following story 'Time and the Rani' but he was fired before this could take place. This meant that this is his actual last story, as Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor dressed up as Baker and filmed his own regeneration at the epilogue of episode one of 'Time and the Rani'.

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14 January 2013

Thank you Everyone!

Evil snowman says 'thank you'.
Hello everybody! (I sound like Doctor Nick from the Simpsons) Before I continue, I want to say thank you to everyone who has followed me. I'm so happy to have so many people read this blog in such a short time. (Except you mother. I know you're stalking my blog) Thank you also for all the comments. I've been told by mother to 'be normal' when replying, so I will try my best not to sound like a "pompous twit," though "twit" isn't really the word she used. (She's so rude sometimes. Actually she's rude most of the time) So once again, thanks. (Go away mother, you're stifling my creativity)

The Fifth Doctor

First appearance: Castrovalva 1982
Last appearance: The caves of Androzani 1984

First Episode

Suffering from Post Regenerative Trauma, the fifth Doctor rests whilst the Master, his arch nemesis, Kidnaps Adric and uses him to plot the co-ordinates for Event One, which it the First event in history, the big bang.
Nyssa and Tegan take the Doctor to the peaceful planet Castrovalva, where he will recover much quicker than in the TARDIS.
Upon his recovery, the Doctor realises that Castrovalva is actually a Dimensional Paradoxical Trap, set up by  the Master and that the citizens of the planet, are in fact his creations. The Doctor makes the people aware that the Master, their leader, has used a perception filter to not only control them but also to hide his identity. When the people of Castrovalva rise up against him and break free, they are able to finally defeat the Master.

Last Episode

With all original companions gone, the Doctor and an American woman named Peri, arrive on the desolate planet of Androzani Minor, an empty place where the inhabitants are at war with the people from the twin Planet Androzani Major. This is over a rare form of liquid called Spectrox, which increases the life span of whoever uses it. However Spectrox also comes in a more dangerous strain called Spectrox Nest, which is Spectrox in it's raw form.
 When coming into contact with this highly lethal substance, the liquid causes Spectrox toxemia, from which the side effects are cramps, spasms, rashes and death. Unfortunately Peri falls into the Spectrox Nest and both she and the Doctor, develop the Toxemia.
When they later encounter Sharaz Jek, a humanoid  destroyed by the common mud bursts on Androzani Minor, he helps them (mainly because he fancies Peri) to find the cure, which is actually the milk from a queen bat, but there is only enough for Peri.
With Jek dead, shot by a military officer on Minor, the Doctor collapses ontoj the floor of the TARDIS, still having been infected with the toxemia and as Peri recovers, watches as he changes form.

9 January 2013

The Fourth Doctor

First appearance: Robot 1974
Last Appearance: Logopolis 1981

First Episode

Having regenerated for the third time, the Doctor assists U.N.I.T in their investigation into the theft of a top secret plan along with the theft  of some equipment. Companion Sarah- Jane, soon finds out that it is a Robot carrying out the robberies and that it has been reprogrammed by a scientist named Kettlewell and armed with a disintegrator gun, the aim of which is to can steal the operational codes that control the world's missiles. Kettlewell himself is eventually killed by his own creation, and although the Doctor averts the launch of the missiles, the robot malfunctions and goes off to wipe out all of humanity. Finally the robot is destroyed when new companion Harry Sulivan, uses a  metal virus from the notes contained in Kettlewell's notebook.

Last Episode

With the help of an Alzarian from E-space called Adric and a girl named Nyssa, the Doctor defeats his nemesis, the Master on Nyssa's home planet Traken.
When the Doctor realises that the Master has escaped and killed Vanessa, Tegan's (another companion) aunt, he takes both Adric and Tegan to Logopolis, hoping to restore the Chameleon Circuit, a piece of equipment that is used to help the TARDIS blend in with it's surroundings. In the meantime a mysterious figure dressed in white rags, bring Nyssa to Logopolis.

The Doctor soon realises that the Master has not only killed Nyssa's father and taken over his body but that he has also destroyed the people of Logopolis. Not knowing that the planet is the key to the universe, the Master decides to teams up with the Doctor in order to stop the world from coming to an end.
Having already destroyed Nyssa's step mother, father, neibouring planet and Traken, he then kills the Doctor. But  it soon transpires that the mysterious figure, is in fact the Doctor in his fifth form. 


7 January 2013

The Third Doctor

Jon Pertwee
first appearance: Spearhead from space 1970
Last appearance: Planet of the spiders 1975

First Episode

After having been exiled to earth by the Time Lords, the newly incarnated Doctor finds himself in Oxley Woods where mysterious meteorites have been appearing.
Investigating these strange happenings, are a specially trained military group known as the 'United Nations Intelligence Taskforce,' (UNIT) who have also been called in to look into the disappearance of people who have gone missing.
The group is lead by Brigadier Alistair Gorden Lethbridge-Stewart, who has worked alongside the Doctor before.

 Stranger still, is the attempted kidnapping of a man from a hospital, whom apparently has two hearts and says that he knows the Brigadier. But having regenerated since their last meeting, Lethbridge doesn't recognise the stranger as the Doctor.

Becoming Earthbound means that now the Doctor can assist U.N.I.T in their search for alien life and help stop hostile invasions from outside of Earth.
The calmer, softer Doctor, finally recognises himself in his third persona just in time to prevent the Nestenes (Autons) from becoming successful in their invasion Of Earth.
With Elizabeth Shaw, a scientific adviser for U.N.I.T, the Doctor encounters Silurians, (the original inhabitants of earth) for the first time, alien ambassadors from Mars and travels to a parallel universe to witness the end of that version of Earth.

Last Episode

When the Doctor meets Sarah-Jane Smith, he becomes very close to regenerating. He travels to Metabelis III  and discovers that giant spiders called the 'Eight Legs,' rule the planet as well as the planet's inhabitants, known as the 'Two Legs.' ( Humans) The ruler of the spiders, The Great One, tells the Doctor that the blue sapphire that he took was vital to the her. The Doctor brings the crystal to the Spider knowing that it will destroy her.
However the Great One warned the Doctor that the patterns within the crystal would destroy the cells in the his body one by one and that's what they do. Arriving on earth after his unexplained dissapearance of three weeks, he collapses to the ground and regenerates for the Third time...

5 January 2013

The Second Doctor

Patrick Troughton
First appearance: The Power Of The Daleks 1966
Last appearance: The War Games 1969

After Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton are bought back to earth, the Doctor is joined by two new companions, Ben and Polly.
They are both present when he regenerates into a much younger man, played here by Patrick Troughton.
Having witnessed his renewal, Polly and Ben are unsure of how to act towards the Doctor and it's is only when a Dalek recognises him, that they finally begin to accept that it is really him.

In this first episode 'The Power Of The Daleks,' we see all three land on the planet Vulcan, where the Doctor is mistaken for an official of earth.
The Doctor soon finds out that a scientist by the name of Lesterton, is trying to bring back the Daleks after discovering them in a space capsule which had crashed.
The people of Vulcan ignore his warnings about the dangers posed by the Daleks, as they begin the process of reproducing themselves in order to take over the colony.

 In this form the Doctor is a portrayed as a warm comedic character and has already fought Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti and even his own people the Time Lords. This second incarnation of the Doctor is  always being kidnapped or threatened. But is was during the war Games where he met his end. Charged with breaking one of the main laws of Galifrey, which was to never interfere with the affairs of other species and planets, the Time Lords put him on trial. Found guilty, they force the Doctor to opt for a new appearance, eventually choosing one for him when he becomes to picky, take away 'the secret of the TARDIS' (Disabling his to travel in it) and exile him to earth, a planet that he understands.

The Movie Doctor, Peter Cushing

Peter Cushing played the Doctor in two movies during the sixties.

In the 1960s, there were two movie versions of Doctor Who, starring Peter Cushing in the main role.
The first was in 1965 and entitled 'Dr Who And The Daleks. This film saw the Doctor travel through time and space in his new invention, the TARDIS. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space)
Along with his companions, grand-daughter Susan, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, they find themselves materializing on the planet Skaro.

The planet is suffering from a nuclear fallout, where the inhabitants of this world are deformed mutated lifeforms who have incased themselves within metal shells in order to survive. These are the Daleks.
The Doctor and his three companions have found themselves in the middle of a war with the planet's other inhabitants, the Thals, a peaceful, humanoid species. The Daleks aim to annihilate the Thals by detonating a neutron bomb and only the Doctor can help save them.

Daleks-Invasion Earth 2150 AD

Dalek-Invasion Earth 2150 AD, is the second in the Doctor Who Movie featuring Peter Cushing.
The Doctor travels to the year 2150 AD, where planet earth is being invaded by the Daleks who are trying to turn all humans into Robomen.
An underground resistance movement and the Doctor, are the only obstacles that stands in their way.

The First Doctor

William Hartnell
First appearance : An Unearthly Child 1963
Last appearance: The Tenth Planet 1966

William Hartnell made his debut appearance as the Doctor, in an episode entitled 'An Unearthly Child', which is also where we first meet his grand-daughter Susan Foreman. 
At school, Susan's teachers, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, appear curious as to her vast knowledge about the past as well as the future and one day follow her home.
All they find however, is an old junkyard in which stands a police telephone box. Eventually they meet an old man who introduces himself as Susan's grandfather (the Doctor) and the two become unwilling companions as the adventure begins.
In this episode, they are transported back to the Stone Age where they encounter prehistoric cavemen.
When Returning to the TARDIS, the Doctor encounters his deadliest enemy yet, the Daleks. Having become exposed to radiation which leaves his body constantly weak and after destroying Mondas, original home of the Cybermen, it becomes too much for the Doctor. His body starts to deteriorate and with new companions Ben and Polly watching inside the TARDIS, slowly the Doctor's features start to fade away into the form of another.

3 January 2013


 Welcome to my blog, as I explore the wonders of the Whoniverse. But first, an introduction.                          
I'm an eccentric schoolboy with a passion for all things to do with Doctor Who.
My fascination begun at the tender age of four, watching the Autons as they tried to invade earth and not surprisingly, it scared the life out of me. That particular episode heralded an introduction to a new kind of Doctor, a much darker, broodier Timelord then the ones that had gone before...and oh yeah, he had a Northern accent.

 Christopher Ecclestone became the 9th Doctor after an absence of nine years, in an episode entitled 'Rose' which also featured a big toothed Billie Piper, who was soon to become his companion.
Since then, I have been a major fan of not just the modern episodes but also the ones dating back to William Hartnell (1963) and Peter Cushing in the 1965-1966 films 'Dr Who and the Daleks' and 'Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD'.

This blog will explore various themes, starting with the many faces of the Doctor and the numerous companions that accompanied the him on his many adventures through time and space. Through to the changing faces of such characters as The Master and K9, Spaceships featured, interior designs of the Tardis, aliens and monsters and much more.

An original Auton from 'Spearhead From Space'. 1970