Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

30 November 2014

Monsters of the Whoniverse part 3: The Rutans

They don't really look like thus of course, except for in the games.
Ha Ha!

Home Planet: Ruta 3
Species : Rutan 
Special Abilities: Shape-shifting techology
Weapons: natural electrical defence systems.

Television Appearances: One:

Mentioned several times in previous episodes but never seen, the Rutans, fearless and ruthless enemies of the Sontaran Empire, have been engaged in a Fifty-Millennium long war.

Often spoken of as the winning side, in their one and only on screen appearance, I'm not quite sure that anyone imagined that such a victorious race would resemble these green blobs of nonsense, that wobble onto the set looking like massive radioactive Jellyfish...with extra green blobs of nonsense on them.
And yet, their appearance still doesn't prevent them from being incredibly powerful and manipulative.

Shape shifters with the ability to electrocute with a simple touch, the Rutans manage to eradicate almost the entire occupants of the lighthouse Fang Rock. These glowing blobs of Biomatter with their long rope-like tentacles, add to the whole Jellyfish theme, and when they speak, their voices are high-pitched, tinny and on occasion, male, even though they don't have a mouth to speak out of... because that would just be plain ridiculous.
When referring to themselves, it is always as a group unit, "We"or "us", suggesting that there is some form of hive mind, a link between the Rutans.

Upon murdering an old lighthouse keeper, Ruben, the first to die at Fang Rock, the Rutan then take his form and use it to appear as though nothing is amiss. They do however, resort to killing those who interfere, using the same method of electrocution as they would in their pure form.
Although maintaining the image impressively well, they did admit to the Doctor that they find human form difficult to hold.
Look at the fantastic special effects!

Next Week:
The Zygons 

20 November 2014


Although not technically a monster, I just couldn't be bothered to change the title for one the few exceptions.



Species: Human
Planet: Earth
Family: Unknown
Weapons: All The main security forces on the planet.
 The Earth
Special Abilities: Why, only the very power of DECEPTION!

Doctor Who
The Enemy Of  The World

Patrick Troughton
Frazer Hines 
Deborah Watling

Born in Merida in the Yucatan in Mexico, Ramon Salamander (a Mexican Patrick Troughton) is soon to be the dictator of the entire planet.
Although supported by the public press and all citizens of Earth, there are some who know what he is really capable of, and even the people that work for him are scared of his power.
Along with this, he has created many natural disasters, that devastate several highly populated areas.

He appears to the public as a philanthropist and yet has an incredible appetite for power. He also bears a striking resemblance to the Doctor.
In 2013, he murdered several officials in and replaced them with those of his own. Other people in high positions of power, that he could trust,
  In 2018, one of the people killed, was the highly respected Jean Ferrier, the finance deputy of the European Zone and the father of Main character Astrid Ferrier.

These officials were at times killed by people that worked for him but were too scared too oppose him under the circumstances.

Any who oppose him are killed or hunted down. Some by him, others by his lackeys. Even those whom are among the most trusted and loved people by the population of Earth.
He brainwashes a small section of human Scientists to believe that a war, that had supposedly ended five years ago, has left the planet a radio-active wasteland. It is these same people that don't even know that they were creating the natural disasters that are targeting the cities and towns above.
Never actually meeting the Doctor until Part Six of the 1967 Story THE ENEMY OF THE  WORLD, and in order to try to get a look inside his TARDIS, he tricks Victoria and Jamie into thinking that he is the Doctor but could never speak due to his Mexican accent.

15 November 2014

Doctor Who, An Oddity Through Time And Space. #8 Doctor Who Goes To Glastonbury.

This is pretty much my reaction every time mater uses the toilet.
Now moved to Saturdays, or whenever there's a day when there's nothing good to watch on the televisual box, #8 of 'An Oddity Through Time And Space.

13 November 2014


Now that the current series of Doctor Who has ended and the tears have dried, it's time to move on with a new topic. On Thursdays, I shall document my favourite  Monsters/aliens/villains, beginning with the Autons.

 Name: Autons/ Nestene Consciousness
 Home Planet: Nestene Home world
Encountered by the third, ninth and eleventh Doctors
Appearance: Plastic humanoids
Leader: The Nestene Consciousness 
Weapons: Gun implanted in the hand

Spearhead from space 1970
Terror of the Autons 1971
Rose 2005
The Pandorica Opens 2010
   The Big Bang  2010

3 hour long specials in the late 1990's
The trilogy includes:
Auton 2-Sentinel
Auton 3 (Working Title: Awakening)

An Auton Attack from the Auton Trilogy

The servants       

 The Regular Auton resembled more of a plastic shop mannequin then a human.This is because the Autons are made up entirely of living plastic.
Their leader, the Nestene Consciousness, is a disembodied creature that was almost destroyed in the Last Great Time War.
The Consciousness is also completely composed of plastic and so every Auton and Nestene
 contains a small piece of the Consciousness. It is this small portion, that animates them.
The Autons do not speak, although the creator is telepathic and on one occasion, the Auton leader spoke in a robotic voice.
These creatures each contain a weapon concealed within the left Hand.
 Autons can activate this by simply allowing the four fingers to drop down. This weapon has the power to kill or vaporize and can temporarily disable a Dalek. They are excellent trackers and can find other creatures with their brain-waves. They are also immune to bullets.


More sophisticated Nestenes can take on the form of humans. They can also duplicate another being, but often speak in a flat sounding voice. Apart from the voice, they also have a slight sheen to the skin. The original versions of people were kept alive however, to stabilize the copy.
A copy of the swarm leader, known as Channing, was created during the first Auton invasion of Earth in 1970's Spearhead From Space
When Doctor Who returned in 2005 with Rose, a copy of Rose Tyler's boyfriend Mickey, was copied  to collect information about the Doctor.

Auton Mickey Smith

Normal Mickey Smith
Auton Mickey smith seems to have a thing for Pizza.

In 1971's Terror Of The Autons, we discover a new type of even more advanced Autons. These ones were much more realistic and were accurate in both movement and actions. This set of Nestenes were implanted with false memories and so believed themselves to be the original humans that they duplicated. The models taken from a memory print of Amy Pond, in 2010 Pandorica Opens, could mimic humans perfectly and as used as a sleeper  agent. Though somehow, perhaps due to Amy's proximity to a time crack her entire life, one of the duplicated copies from her dead fiance,`resisted the control of the Nestene Consciousness although it managed to shoot her.

The One Good Auton
''Trust the plastic''

In The Big Bang 2010, we find out that the Autons can exist for a long period of time. Amy's fiance, Rory survived for almost 2000 years between 102 AD and 1996 AD  and showed no visible signs of any sort of decay or erosion, even with the link between the Auton and the consciousness broken.
Although immune to bullets the Autons can be destroyed by heat or radio waves. During the first invasion, the Doctor built a device which sent powerful radio waves out to the Nestenes which killed them. Radio waves interfere with the Consciousnesses' mental control over the Autons.

General Scobie


The original duplicates were again closer to Autons than humans.
These duplicates were faster and more manoeuvrable and a number of famous and well known people, were duplicated and  then displayed at Madame Tussauds. A duplicate of General Scobie (an officer in the British Army)  was manufactured to replace the real Scobie and gain control over the Army.
Channing was an Auton developed to carry out plans for the Nestene which required  a human appearance.
When destroyed An Auton duplicate reverts back into it's pure true form of an Auton.

Time to go now.

Next Week: Leader Salamander (Or a Mexican Patrick Troughton)


9 November 2014

Death In Heaven. Series 8-Episode 12

Death In Heaven

Written by Steven Moffat
Director:Rachel Talalay
Producer:Peter Bennett
Executive Producer(s):Steven Moffat/Brian Minchin
Length:60 minutes. 2nd part.
Originally Broadcast:8th November 2014

The Master's plan is finally revealed.
As dark clouds of Cyberman pollen hover over cemeteries, the world watches as they rain down, bringing the dead back to life.

The Cybermen emerging from the dome of St Paul's cathedral.
 I don't know why they don't just use the side entrance like
everyone else.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
 No, it's just some flying Cyber...Blast! I think one just pooped on my
Missy's ultimate plan is revealed when 91 Cybermen (one for every major town and city) fly, yes you heard me, fly into the skies and explode. The explosion creates an ominous black cloud from which 'Cyber pollen' is released, raining down upon the cemeteries and bringing the dead back as Cybermen.
Meanwhile, Clara, still inside St Paul's Cathedral is detected by a Cyberman and bargains for her life by trying to convince it that she is really the Doctor. Having not pressed the delete button to erase his emotions back in the Nethersphere, (Dark Water) Danny Pink's deceased body, along with the stored consciousness of the dead who had been tapped in a Gallifreyan memory storage device (Matrix) by Missy, is brought back to earth, where he too is upgraded as a Cyberman. When Clara looks set to be deleted, Cyber-Danny shows up and destroys the Cybermen. taking her unconscious body to a graveyard. What she witnesses there, is a kind of metal apocalypse as hundreds of Cybermen (previously humans who have now been upgraded) emerge from their graves

Zombie Cybermen after emerging from their graves.
♪ Cos this is thrilleeeer, thriller night...♪
The Doctor and Missy meanwhile, are surrounded by U.N.I.T, (Unified Intelligence Taskforce) led by Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. In the event that such an invasion should ever take place, a protocol has put into place whereby a President of the Earth must be elected. Much to his disdain, the Doctor finds that he is now Chief Executive Officer Of The Human Race and has complete control over the world's armies. Now on board the U.N.I.T aircraft, the plane is set upon by the airborne Cybermen, intent on pulling it apart.
Missy also on board and having escaped, kills Osgood, one of U.N.I.T's scientists and blows open the side of the aircraft before teleporting and leaving the Doctor and Kate hurtling from the plane.

Fling Cyberman attacking the U.N.I.T aircraft.
 "Peek-a-boo! I see you"
As the Timelord falls through the skies, he calls upon the TARDIS, narrowly escaping falling to his death. The TARDIS takes him to the same graveyard where Cyber-Danny has deposited Clara and there she asks for his help in granting Danny's request to turn off the inhibitors and stop him from feeling. The Doctor refuses citing that once they do, Cyber-Danny will tear her from limb to limb before stepping over her body and continuing to kill.

He does however convince Danny to access Missy's plan from the core cyberhive, which results in the knowledge that a second rainfall is coming which will convert all living humans into Cybermen.
Missy reveals that she has gathered the Cyber army as a gift to the Doctor, which he rejects. He hands Missy's control bracelet over to Danny, who leads the army heavenwards where they explode, stopping the raincloud and saving the world.

Cyber-Danny. Now he really does have a reason to be all sad eyed.
In her grief, Clara attempts to kill Missy but the Doctor dissuades her from doing so, with Missy telling him that Gallifrey has returned and then stating the co-ordinates telling him that they could both go together. The Timelord moves in to kill her but a shot from another rogue Cyberman catches her instead and she is killed...or is she?
The rogue Cyberman turns out to be Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, father of Kate, who also saved her life when she plummeted from the plane.
Later, it transpires that Danny, with the aide of the control bracelet, can resurrect himself as the bracelet has the ability to bring back one person only, from the dead. Instead he chooses to send through the boy that he killed as a soldier and although devastated, Clara agrees to send the child home to his parents. I would love to be there when she tries to explain his existence.

Two weeks later as Clara attempts to tell the Doctor about Danny, the Doctor interrupts her and tells her that he has found Gallifrey and plans to return home. Not wanting to stop him, she doesn't let on that Danny did not use the bracelet to be resurrected. In turn, the Doctor doesn't tell Clara that Missy lied about the co-ordinates to Gallifrey and they both part ways, believing the other to be happy.
The final scene ends with Santa entering the TARDIS and asking the Doctor what he wants for Christmas.

The Doctor and Clara say goodbye.

Okay, I'm going to go against the majority of critics and say that Death In Heaven was one of the best finales that Doctor Who has produced in a long time. Yes, there were more questions that were left unanswered, but I've come to expect that from The Moffat. However, I thought the whole thing was executed brilliantly. The Doctor plummeting from the plane and hurtling through the skies, was worthy of any James Bond movie and the scenes as Cybermen emerged from their graves,  could have come from any Zombie apocalypse film...if the Zombies were made out of metal and had a habitual liking for saying "delete."

As always, Michelle Gomez as Missy was a scene stealer. From singing 'Hey Mickey' (Oh Missy you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Missy...) to her Mary Poppins entrance, with flying umbrella in tow. And Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, smashing up the TARDIS console on discovering that Missy had lied about the whereabouts of Gallifrey, was a real emotional moment. But here's where the the Moffman lets us down. The trailers didn't deliver on their promises, such as Clara declaring that she has never existed.

Danny was still able to feel emotions because the inhibitor hadn't been turned on, but once it had, he was still able emit those same emotions. Are we then led to believe that love conquers all and if so, what about the others who had been converted? Had they not loved anyone enough to keep their feelings intact?
And what of Clara's timeline where she meets a future descendant of hers and Danny? Will there be an announcement that she is suddenly pregnant in the Christmas special? Or has that future vanished along with Danny's death?

Another letdown was the senseless death of Osgood. Why bring back such a character, only to then kill her off? Like me, Osgood was highly intelligent. Would she really have gotten so close to Missy knowing just how deranged she was? And what of the boy that Danny accidently killed whilst serving in Afghanistan? How would Clara even begin to relate to his parents why he is now alive?
The greatest disappointment however, is the Cybermen being used yet again as a filler as in recent years. The fact that they can now fly was a gasp out loud moment but there hasn't been a decent episode Cyberman since the 1988 special Silver Nemesis.

And what happened to the Impossible Girl who inserted herself into the Timelord's life? In the last few episodes, Clara has seemed like a shadow of her former self(s) and in Death in Heaven, remained firmly in the Background. Danny's rousing speech to the Cyber army was cringe inducing and unnecessary. I had begun to feel some sort of sympathy at his conversion but that speech made me remember why I hated him in the first place.

I did like how Missy pleaded with the Doctor that she wanted her friend back, which is indicative that you cannot have the Doctor without the Master and showing that the two are intrinsically linked and are who they are because of the other

Despite my negativity, I enjoyed Dark Water and Death In Heaven enormously and there were some fantastic moments (Seb squeeing at the Doctor's antics before being obliterated by a bored looking Missy) which far outweighed my dismissive rantings.

Seb Squeeing.
Roll on Christmas Special. Bring on the fat man in the red suit.


Peter Capaldi: The Doctor 
Jenna Coleman: Clara Oswald
 Samuel Anderson: Danny Pink
 Michelle Gomez: Missy/The Master
Chris Addison: Seb
 Jemma Redgrave: Kate Stewart
Ingrid Oliver: Osgood
 Sanjeev Bhaskar: Colonel Ahmed
 James Pearse: Graham
 Antonio Bourouphael: Afghan boy 
Katie Bignell: Teenage girl
 Shane Keough Grenade :Teenage boy
Jeremiah Krage: Cyberman
 Nicholas Briggs: Voice of the Cybermen
 Nick Frost: Santa

3 November 2014

Dark Water. Series 8-Episode 11

Part two of my review.

Dark Water

Written by Steven Moffat
Director:Rachel Talalay
Producer:Peter Bennett
Executive Producer(s):Steven Moffat/Brian Minchin
Length:45 Minutes. Part one of two
Originally Broadcast:1st November 2014


 Dark Water sees Steven Moffat, the mini afro-headed Highlander, redeeming himself with what has to be one of the best episodes this series.
With waning audiences and the lowest ratings since the reboot of the show, Moffat has at last, returned to his former glory with this two parter.
So, what was the big reveal? At first, I thought that Missy might be Susan ("you abandoned me") or even the Rani. So well done to Mater for correctly guessing that she is in fact the Master. Or as Missy herself explained, "Try to keep up. I'm Missy. Short for Mistress. Well, I couldn't very well keep calling myself the Master, could I?"

Missy channeling the spirit of Mary Poppins. ♪ A spoonful of sugar makes the hostile takeover bid of the Cybermen invasion, go down. ♪
Amazingly, this has caused an uproar within the Whovian, really! Forget the recent Ebola outbreak, or the various wars taking place around the world, It seems that the idea of the Master regenerating into a female of all things, is too preposterous for some people to get their close-minded craniums around. People are actually threatening to boycott the Doctor as this can only lead to one thing in the future...a FEMALE DOCTOR! (cue sounds of people fainting around the globe and committing Hari Kari) All I can say to that is "Goodbye."
For me, Missy is one of the best incarnation of the Master since Delgado and later, John Simms. Like Mary Poppins on acid, Missy commands the screen and steals every scene that she is in.
As for the kiss that she plants on the poor Doctor, it was more like a full frontal assault than an act of endearment.

Eeeek! A woman!
So back to the story...I told you it was going to be a long review.
So as the Doctor ponders as to why anyone would want to preserve the dead in 'dark water', which only organic matter can been seen through it and Danny continues to do his impression of a bug eyed insect in deciding whether to push the delete button (for crying out loud Sappy, push the button!) to rid himself of all his emotions, (what? He has more than one?) we soon come to discover Missy's plan.

Danny getting all emotional
With a dramatic cry of "Humankind bring out your dead", the tanks in which the skeletons are entombed. activates and the dark water begins to recede showing the real occupants of the watery tombs, Cybermen.
It turns out that Missy had the ingenious idea of storing the consciousness of the dead into a Gallifreyan memory storage system known as the Matrix. And although the deceased believe that they are in the Nethersphere, their emotions are soon to be deleted, ready to be inserted into the new Cybermen army.

"'ve forgotten the next line..."
We do at least get to uncover the reason for Danny's passivity and teary eyed expression, in a moving scene where he encounters the boy that he killed back when he was a soldier. And there's a wonderful performance from Chris Addison, who plays the Mistress' right hand man Seb.
One of the best scenes though, has to be the emergence of the Cybermen from Saint Paul's Cathedral,  (which may or may not be, Missy's TARDIS) which is a direct homage to the 1968 episode The Invasion starring Patrick Troughton.

Cybermen emerging from Saint Paul's Cathedral. The Invasion 1968

My only one complaint is that the Doctor tells Clara that the keys to the TARDIS can only be destroyed by volcano lava. But on more than one occasion, we have seen the Timelord open the TARDIS door with just a click of his fingers. Apart from that, a brilliant episode. Cannot wait for next week, though I have found that with Moffat's two parters, the build-up is always more exciting then the follow up...okay, two complaints.

*Favourite Missy quotes:

"Hello, I hope you're well. How may I assist you with your death?"

As the Doctor runs shouting through the crowds of people, trying to disperse them before the Cybermen make an appearance-"Sorry, another ranting Scotsman in the streets. I had no idea there was a match on."

Missy-"I've turned the lift off, though."

Doctor-"I presume you have stairs?"

Missy-"Well, I'm not a Dalek."

 Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Samuel Anderson, Michelle Gomez, Chris Addison, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung, Bradley Ford, Nigel Betts, John Blackham, Antonio Bourouphael, Jeremiah Krage, Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Cybermen.

2 November 2014

Dark Water. Series 8-Episode 11

*Like Dark Water, this will be a two parter. The review is going to be a long one!*

Dark Water

Written by Steven Moffat
Director:Rachel Talalay
Producer:Peter Bennett
Executive Producer(s):Steven Moffat/Brian Minchin
Length:45 Minutes. Part one of two
Originally Broadcast:1st November 2014


The Nethersphere is not the heavenly place that it had first appeared to be.
The Doctor finally comes face to face with the mysterious Missy, where an impossible choice is fast approaching.



Puss In Boots
Danny Pink
After the timely untimely death of Danny Pink, Clara proves that she will go to any lengths to bring the puppy eyed sap back. This includes stealing all seven of the TARDIS keys and then begging the Doctor to bring him back. When the Timelord refuses, she then threatens to throw the keys one by one, into the lava of a burning volcano, (the only thing that can destroy them) promising that the Doctor will never see inside his TARDIS again.
When the last key is thrown, Clara breaks down and despite her betrayal, vows that she would do it again.

Of course, none of that really happened and the whole scene was induced by a sleep patch (don't ask) that the Doctor had given Clara in order to see how far she would go. Destroying the TARDIS keys and leaving them both stranded at the edge of a volcano for all eternity, I'd say she was prepared to go pretty far.
Undeterred by her disloyalty, the Timelord, in a softer moment, agrees to help her find the dewy eyed one.

Using Clara's grief to tap into Sappy's, sorry I mean Danny's timeline via the TARDIS, they soon find themselves in the Nethersphere, where  Danny is having to fill in forms and answer questions about his state of being...well, dead.
Meanwhile, the Doctor and Clara find the halls of the underworld, lined with the liquefied skeletal remains of the dead. But then the dead arise like skeletons at a Jason and the Argonauts convention and we soon discover that they are in fact Cybermen.

 Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Samuel Anderson, Michelle Gomez, Chris Addison, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung, Bradley Ford, Nigel Betts, John Blackham, Antonio Bourouphael, Jeremiah Krage, Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Cybermen.

31 October 2014

Doctor Who, An Oddity Through Time And Space. #7 Diary Of A Dalek.

Ever wondered why Daleks are such angry aliens? No, me neither. But here's an insight into why they might not be so full of  love and peace.

28 October 2014

In The Forest Of The Night. Series 8-Episode 10

In The Forest Of The Night

Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Director:Sheree Folkson
Producer: Paul Frift
Executive Producer(s) Steven Moffat/Brian Minchin
Length:45 minutes
Original Broadcast:25th October 2014

Earth, covered in lots of green stuff.


An invasion of trees have sprung up overnight, covering the globe with's about it. Oh and there's a bunch of schoolkids from Coal Hill who get to go inside the TARDIS. And some firefly type thingies that have been around since the dawn of time.

The City Of London , covered in lots of green stuff.

Plotline...what, there was a plotline??

Will contain spoilers.

See above. What? You want more?
Okay. Around the world, trees have mysteriously sprung up overnight. At first, the Doctor suspects it to be some sort of  alien invasion, but how wrong could he be? Well as it turns out, very wrong.
You see, somewhere back in the days of yore, and yes, I did use the word 'yore', such an occurrence had happened before in history. But as the Doctor soon explained, we humans have the uncanny knack of forgetting events such as wars and the pain of childbirth, hence why they continue to happen.

Trafalgar Square, covered in lots of...well I think you all know where I'm going with this...
So, back to the trees. It turns out that a huge solar flare is about to reign down and pulverize planet earth, thereby, leaving all in it's wake, which is what usually happens when things are pulverized. Now here's where the trees come in. The trees are there to act as a natural barrier to prevent the solar flare from destroying the earth, thus saving mankind from a fate worse than death...and if anyone knows what is worse than death, then please let me know. And there you have it.

Danny and the Coal Hill students, not doing a very good job of mimicking the Thriller video.


Well the Doctor is still grumpy. Clara is still looking for his approval and Danny still looks like he's about to burst into tears at the drop of a hat. The storyline, such as it was, left a lot to be desired. Now I don't expect every episode of Doctor Who to contain monsters/aliens/enemies, but trees?!
In truth, I feel somewhat let down by this chapter in the series. Visually and thanks to director Sheree Folkson, the scenery looked stunning with London being submerged in flora. But where were the people lining the streets to gawp at such a spectacle? Apart from one lone parent, the streets of London was strangely deserted.

"Trees!! Is that it? Where's the mild peril?
 This installment contained no possible threat, or even some mild peril from which Clara and the Doctor would save the day and the and tiger and wolves, which were a focal point of the trailers, came and went with little or no effect.
The nonchalant way in which the children treated being inside the TARDIS as if it were an everyday occurrence, made me want to throw something heavy at the TV screen. But luckily for mater, she was just out of reach.

Maebh running away from the ridiculous storyline.
 And the ending, where one of the main characters Maebh's sister suddenly turns up after having gone missing for months, hidden behind some foliage, is definitely a what the hell moment. Where had she been all these months? And why did she go missing in the first place? 
In saying that, I did think that the cast of children, especially Abigail Eames who played Maebh. ran rings around the adult characters, with Danny being his usual wooden self. Perhaps he should take a leaf out of their book, but I could be barking up the wrong tree with that suggestion. Anyway, they flowered in this episode and each one of them, should take a bough for their performances. Okay, enough of the foliage similes.

At least we got to see the wonderful Missy, who seemed very surprised at the turn of events. Do you know that they have tablets in the Nethersphere? Well it is heaven after all. You can't expect them not to have the latest in modern gadgetry. How else is Missy suppose to keep up on all the current affairs going on in planet earth?
So as the current series almost draws to a close, what do we know about Missy so far?
Well, we know that she dresses like Mary Poppins.
The she called the Doctor her boyfriend and Clara, "My Clara" That she has chosen Miss Oswald well.That she likes the new Doctor's accent and that she drinks tea.

With all the current theories flying around, from Missy being the Rani or the Master, the most popular seems to be that she is in fact the TARDIS. Indeed, when the Doctor asked Maebh who had sent her, she answered "Miss sent me." Did she mean Missy? The look on the Timelord's face, would suggest that he knew exactly who she was talking about and it wasn't Clara.
Whatever the case may be, all will soon be revealed.

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Samuel Anderson, Abigail Eames, Jayden Harris Wallace, Ashley Foster, Harley Bird, Siwan Morris, Harry Dickman, Jenny Hill, James Weber Brown, Michelle Asante, Curtis Flowers, Kate Tydman, Nana Amoo-Gottfried, William Wright Neblett, Eloise Barnes,