Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

21 April 2014

The New Doctor. Pah!

Capaldi. Just the name makes me want to punch my mum in the face!
It's not that I don't like Mr Capaldi, it's just that he's not the Doctor. Firstly, he looks like a cross between a demented night owl and a startled stick insect. Secondly, anyone who knows their Doctor Who lore, also knows that the Time-Lord becomes younger with each generation.

From this:
"Look at me all floppy haired and sharp chin,"
To this:
"Can somebody help me onto my Stenna Stair-lift, I think I may have broken a hip".

Writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, (where's he going with that short afro?) broke one of the fundamental rules by casting someone who had already been in a previous episode of  Doctor Who, (The Fires Of Pompeii) in the main role. The only time that this had previously happened, was with Colin Baker, in the 1983 serial, Ark Of Infinity, where he play Maxil, a guard on Gallifrey.

What I most find depressing about having Capaldi in the role, is...well, everything.
What's going to happened in all those running through corridors and bolting downstairs scenes? Will he have to use a stunt double to do all the leg work, or will the famous "RUN!", now become, "OKAY EVERYBODY, ATTEMPT A LIGHT JOG!" Okay, so he's not that old, in fact he's the same age that William Hartnell was when he was first cast in the role, back in 1963.

But what I think I hate most about the whole thing, is that Moffat didn't seem to take into account, or listen to what the fans wanted from their new Doctor. He admitted that he wanted Capladi long before and that's that.
So come Autumn, I shall be watching, If I can stop crying long enough, the new episodes. And who knows, I might just be pleasantly surprised...

Coming next-A Town Called Mercy.


  1. My comment has been eaten thats not nice. . . . . . . I will be back . . . .

  2. Hello again Master Meglos. I am not sure what happened last time, but this is cyberspace and no one is safe.

    I was sort of saying that William Hartnell was WELL COOL and now I am sort of getting old and grumpy I understand just how WELL COOL he was. I dont remember him running at any time, I think that was because he was kind of grumpy and the baddies and aliens and the like sort of backed off much like people do when a grumpy granny turns up in the Post Office. No one tangles with a grumpy granny, in fact its a brilliant plan maybe they could turn Mr Capaldi into a woman who knits and complains a lot in Post offices.

    AH DAMN I may be getting side tracked I'm sure I never suggested that in the lost comment.

    Be Good I am sure it will turn out hunky dory (sort of)

    1. Hello Rob, my complaint isn't really because he's old, it's because the Doctor is supposed to regenerate younger. I know Matt Smith the last Doctor was about 12, but they could have cast someone around the same age or a couple of years younger.

      I did love the grumpiness of Hartnell though.

  3. As an actor, I really like Peter Capaldi and think he is one of the finest that we have. But I am not at all happy about Moffat's decision to cast him as the Doctor. You're right, each Doctor from William Hartnell onward, is supposed to regenerate in to a much younger self. And the fact that I remember his character so well from The Fires Of Pompeii, makes it hard for me to envisage him in the role.

    Saying that, we moaned when Tennant took over from Eccleston and moaned when Smith took over from Tennant and I now his one of my favourite Doctors. You never know, Capaldi could end up surprising as all...

    1. Now look here Miss Lily you are low profile and not meant to be here. I bet Master Meglos thinks you should not be here either. . . . . .