Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

15 February 2013

The Ninth Doctor

Christopher Eccleston
First Appearance:Rose 2005
Last Appearance:The Parting of the ways 2005

When 19 year old Rose Tyler is attacked by Autons at her place of work, the Doctors suddenly appears and rescues her from the attackers, before disappearing once again.
A few days later he shows up At Rose's apartment, carrying an Auton hand, which becomes animated and proceeds to attack them both.
Along with her boyfriend Micky Smith, they go to see a man named Clive who has photographic evidence of the Doctor's sightings. Whilst Mickey stays in the car and Rose talks to Clive, he hears strange noises coming from a trash-can. Going to investigate, the trash-can opens up and absorbs him.

The Autons are part of the Nestenes consciousness and are  able to mimic plastic objects and people such as mannequins but need the original person to replicate a copy of the human form. After her meeting, Rose returns to the car and goes for a pizza, unaware that the Mickey she is with, is actually a replica. (Auton)
The Auton tries to find out information about the Doctor and when the Time Lord shows up and aggravates replica Mickey, it goes on a rampage and tries to kill everyone in sight.
The Doctor and Rose escape into the TARDIS and find that the transmitter for the Consciousness, to reactivate its army.
Using antiplastic, the Doctor and Rose manage to rescues Mickey and kill the Autons that are  already active.
Leaving London in a devastation, Jackie Tyler (Rose's Mother) calls her and tells her to stay inside the apartment during the invasion. But the Doctor has asked Rose to travel with him.
At first Rose refuses and stays behind to take care of the traumatised Mickey, But when the Doctor appears again, she accepts, leaving Mickey and Jackie behind on Earth.

When the TARDIS dematerialises and a transmat beam absorbs Rose, the Doctor, Mickey and a time agent from the 52nd century, (Captain Jack Harkness)  they find themselves unwillilingly forced to  take part in a series of gruesome  reality shows on, Satelite 5. Satelite 5 used to be a news station, open to the public and broadcasted news all over Planet Earth. But now it is a game station, where the ultimate prize is survival.
Rose is chosen to take part in the 'Weakest Link', where the host is a robot called the Anne-droid.
Jack is chosen for a robot run show called 'What not to wear', and The Doctor is chosen for the show 'Big Brother', run by DavinaDroid. The Game station is run by the 'Controller' who controls those that monitor each Game.

Assisted by contestant, Lynda, The Doctor  breaks  the house rules, damages property and escapes the house,  along with Lynda, after the moniters decided not to evict (disintegrate) him.
He finds Captain Jack, who has also escaped the robots by destroying them.
Rose, on the other hand tries to escape when she sees the Doctor and Jack but the Anne-droid sees her and disintegrates her.
The Doctor, Jack and Lynda are then arrested but escape and travel to the top floor, where the Controller resides.
The Doctor discovers that the disintegration beam is in fact a transmat beam. and within the  game station, moniters help the Doctor find the source of the beam. H then realsises that there are in fact 200 Dalek Ships in total, populated by over half a million Daleks including an Empoeror.

 Travelling to the Dalek Mothership, (in this form called the Cruciform) Jack and the Doctor after discovering that she isn't dead, rescue Rose. However, the Doctor discovers that the transmatted humans have been altered and changed into Daleks.
When the Time Lord dares to call the Daleks half human,  which to them is blasphemy, they launch an attack on both the game station and on Earth.
Rose and the Doctor build a deltaa wave, a weapon that could wipe out all the Daleks including the Emperor. but in the end he refuses to use it, as it has a wide radius and would also destroy not only the Daleks but everyone on Earth also. Lynda, meanwhile keeps watch and listens as the Daleks invade. She hears the screams and cries of contestants, as whole contries and continents are annihilated. Lynda herself is exterminated, when a Dalek appears at the window and blasts it open.

Monitors are killed when they try to destroy the Daleks and the Doctor sends rose back to Earth in the TARDIS, with a holographic message stating that if she is viewing the image, then he is no longer alive, or is dying.

Refusing to accept this and with the help of both Micky and Jackie, they help Rose to get into the TARDIS where she stares into the heart of it, absorbing countless amounts of unimaginable, power. she returns to the game station and turns every single Dalek to dust including the space ships and the Emperor.  As the power begins to destroys her, the Doctor absorbes the energy by kissing her but it kills him, as Rose watches in horror. Bright beams of light and energy burst from the Doctor's hands and head and he begins to regenerate...


  1. Now he was a good Dr Who I liked him I thought it started to look a bit more professional.

    I am glad to see you back Meglos I was worried after what appeared to be two posts did not appear. (Two posts did not appear maybe it was an own goal HAH HAHAH HHAh hahhah hahahaha ha hah ahhahah haha haha ha . . . . . yes sorry a terrible joke, I am good at bad jokes)

    Anyway pleased to see all is well again, Say hello to She who must be obeyed . . . .Miss Lily....

  2. Christopher Eccleston was definitely one of my favourites and started my addiction with Doctor Who. I think he's very different from the other incarnations, much more dark and moody. And he was the first and 0nly to use his northern accent instead of being portrayed as upper class like the others.

    I will say hello to she who must be obeyed, but is often ignored.

    1. I loved Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of the Doctor and I agree, he was much more dark and brooding. Wasn't so happy about Billie Piper being cast as Rose.(she's got teeth like the Predator) But, after a while, a long while and a bit like fungus, she begun to grow on me.

      Would have liked him to have stay on as the doc for a longer period but his fear of being type cast and problems with the Doctor Who team, ensured that it wasn't to be.

      And just remember Meglos, you can't type without fingers. :)