Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

11 March 2013

The Tenth Doctor


First Episode:
The TARDIS arrives outside Rose's flats and along with her mother Jackie and boyfriend Mickey, they take the Doctor, still suffering from the effects of his regeneration, inside to recover.
Later that day, Rose and Mickey leave the newly regenerated Doctor and go Christmas shopping, only to be attacked by a group of robotic Santas.
Retreating back to the flat, they they find themselves then attacked by a Christmas tree.
The Doctor wakes just in time to disable the tree with his sonic screwdriver, before falling back into unconsciousness.
We later discover that the robotic Santas are pilot fish, extraterrestrial robots who have marked the imminent appearance of a much greater force and are lured to earth by the energy of the Doctor's regeneration

Elsewhere, Harriet Jones, Prime minister, has run a campaign to send a shuttle to Mars called Guinevere One. But it instead, makes an arrival on an alien spacecraft.
The video it returns to Earth is broadcast to the world and this leads people to believe that life actually exists a on Mars.

The Sycorax
 The aliens hypnotize those humans who are blood type A+, roughly one third of the population,  whom then find themselves standing on the edge of of the tallest buildings. The aliens threaten to kill all by sending a signal to the humans, which would in affect, make them step off the buildings to their deaths, if they are not given half of the world's population as slaves.

The alien ship transports the TARDIS which carries Mickey, Rose and a still unconscious Doctor and when the Time Lord is  revived,  (via tea ) the aliens reveal themselves to be Sycorax,  alien fighters who wear the bones of there enemies on  their armour and wear masks also made from bones.
In his newly revived state, the Doctor challenges the Sycorax leader to a duel.
During the swordfight, the Sycorax leader cuts off the doctor's hand, though as he is still in the first few hours of his regeneration, the energy grows allows the Doctor another hand.
The Doctor wins the fight and convinces the Sycorax to leave Earth and never return. Back on Earth, Harriet Jones is not convinced that they will not return and against the Doctor's wishes, gets in touch with a secret organisation called Tourchwood who blow up the Sycorax ship. The Doctor furious by this, walks off with Rose, Mickey and Jackie. who then invite him round to Christmas dinner, which he accepts after he changes into what was to become his signature outfit.

Final Episode:

The Doctor arrives on the Ood-sphere where he encounters the  Elder.
They tell him that the Master is returning, heralding an event such as the end of time itself.
On Earth 2009 A cult of people loyal to The Master, use a the time lord ring to bring about the Master's ressurection. But the ceremony is interrupted by his wife Lucy Saxon and although the resurrection has worked, the Master becomes erratically more unstable, feasting on any flesh and meat available to him. He now has developed superhuman strength and can project powerful energy beams from his Hands.

The Doctor, while tracking the Master to Earth, encounters Wilfred Mott, Grandfather of former companion Donna Noble and tells him of the Ood prophecy that his song is ending, meaning that soon he is to die.
The Master is taken in by Billionaire Joshua Naismith whose home houses a healing machine called the Immortality Gate.
However the Master amplifies it's power to renew everyone on Earth to have the exact same face and mind as the himself.

The Master uses the power of the gate.

Meanwhile, Wilfred is followed by a mysterious woman dressed in white before he joins the Doctor on a journey to finally trap the Master. Here they discover the secret of the Immortality Gate.
The engineers of the gate are Green Cacti-like aliens called the Vinvocci  (only slightly different to the short red Vocci)

After the Master has cloned himself, both the Doctor and Wilf are saved by the Vincocci. while the Time Lord president, Rassilson receives a prophecy about the future of the time war.
The Master programs the Immortality Gate with his DNA and uses it to turn everyone into 'The Master race'. Everyone on Earth is infected except Wilf as he is shielded from the effects, his granddaughter Donna, who had previously been part time lord- part human and the Doctor himself.

The Vivocci
 The Doctor and Wilf take refuge on the Vinvocci ship while it orbits the earth. But it would appear that when the Master was a child, Rassilon had implanted a signal inside his head, which is the drumming noise that he has been hearing his entire life. Rassilon then sends out a white point star from Galifrey to the Master, to increase connection between  present day Earth and the Time-locked Galifrey.
When the rest of Time Lords eventually arrive on Earth at the Immortality Gate, the Doctor deciding whether to kill Rassilon or the Master, shoots the white point star with the gun that Wilf had previously given to him. The Doctor recognises the woman dressed in white among the Time-Lords but her identity is never revealed. (His mother perhaps?)

Time Lord President, Rassilon

Rassilon tries to kill the Doctor but the Master interferes and sacrifices himself to destroy Rassilon out of revenge.
The Time Lords, Galifrey and the Master are then sent back into the Time locked Galifrey.
 Finally the Doctor notices Wilfred trapped in one of the booths that controls the immortality Gate which is now flooded with radiation. He opens it but can only do this from inside.
When he does this, the radiation floods into his body and weakens him. After the day's events, he takes Wilf back home as everyone returns back to normal.
Before he regenerates, he re- visits his previous companions as a last goodbye and as he regenerates, manages to destroy most of the TARDIS. Once fully regenerated, the new Doctor checks himself before suddenly realizing that the TARDIS is hurtling back down towards London.


  1. I always thought David Tennant was a good doctor and he was very popular, in fact probably the most popular doctor. He would definitely be first choice to play the part of Rob Z Tobor in the Steven Spielberg movie . . . . The Diary of Rob Z Tobor.

    Just one small question Master Meglos you are running out of doctors, so what comes next will it be a detailed run down of enemies, there are loads of them. Or you could create your own Dr Who plots and scripts after all I'm sure you could create some cool alternatives.

    Like having a companion who wears a deerstalker hat, smokes a pipe and plays the violin and they could have an arch villain called Moriarty who along with his army of semi mechanical monsters called maybe Daleks would laugh in a diabolical way in old Victorian warehouses . . . . . . AH DAMN wrong Doctor.

  2. He was my fave too! In fact when I think of the dr. I generally have his face in my mind.

  3. Thanks Rob and Mimi for still reading and still commenting.

    David Tennant was named most popular Doctor of all time, with Tom Baker coming a close second. Although I liked Tennant, i still prefer the darkness of Christopher Eccelston and the eccentricity of Baker and Troughton.

    Rob, do you have mind reading capabilities? I will be writing about the Doctor's enemies which is going to be titled Monsters and Aliens.

  4. I can read minds sometimes. It is a useful skill