Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

6 October 2014

Kill The Moon. Series 8-Episode 7

Kill The Moon

Written by Peter Harness
Director : Paul Wilmshurst
Producer : Peter Bennet
Executive Producers : Steven Moffat/Brain Minchin
Cast : Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Ellis George Hermione Norris
Length: 45 minutes
Originally Broadcast: 4th October 2014


(Like my mother) The Moon is putting on weight. In fact 1.3 billion tons worth of weight. But unlike mother, it's not because it claims to be 'big-boned', it's because the Moon is actually an egg. And it's about to hatch.


In the year 2049, The Doctor, Clara and Courtney (the schoolgirl from last week's episode) find themselves on a space shuttle loaded with nuclear bombs and headed straight for the Moon. 
On-board, the three astronauts's suicide mission, led by Captain Lundvik (Hermione Norris) is to blow up the huge ball of rock and to stop it from destroying earth.
In recent years, earth had been devastated. Huge tidal waves had already caused a significant amount of the population to perish. Satellites were destroyed and advancement in science had been halted as man sought to survive.

Previously, a Mexican colony had been established on the Moon and having reported changes to the Moon, then lost contact with Earth. 
Heading to the long abandoned colony, the group discover that it is covered in cobwebs. As they set about priming the bombs, they soon come across the bodies of the previous colonists entombed within yet more webs. Two of the astronaut are killed while the surviving member Lundvick, along with the Doctor, Clara and Courtney, find themselves under attack from what seems to be a giant spider, which Courtney destroys with disinfectant.

This effective use of a household cleaner brings the Doctor to the conclusion that the spider is really a germ, a Prokaryotic organism.
Courtney becomes frightened and asks to be sent back to the TARDIS, whilst the others venture on to investigate the cracks in the Moon's surface. More Prokaryotic organisms are discovered and the Doctor comes a pool of  amniotic fluid and promptly dives into it saying that he will be back, leaving Clara and Lundvick to return to the shuttle.

On reappearing, the Time-Lord tells his companions that the Moon is in fact a  100 million year old egg which is about to hatch and that the Prokaryotic organisms are parallel to microbes.
He then leaves it up to an astronaut a schoolgirl and a teacher, to make the big decision on whether the egg should be destroyed, killing the creature inside to prevent more harm to humanity, or letting it hatch.


Kill The Moon has faced some harsh slating by the critics, citing bad dialogue and a poor script, as well as being scientifically illiterate. (It's not real people) I don't think that this is fair.
The parallels made with the 1974 Planet Of The Spiders, is idiocy. The two do not resemble each other in anyway. The only comparison is the inclusion of Spiders and in Planet Of The Spiders, these were actual talking arachnids with intelligence and not a form of bacteria.
I really liked this episode. The atmosphere was full of tension and the concept of the Moon being an egg, was an original one. Many have argued about the Doctor leaving Clara, Lundvick and Courtney alone to make such a momentous decision about the fate of humanity. But the Doctor is not a God. I just think that Clara expects far too much of him and see him in a God-like way. 


  1. I enjoyed this episode a lot. having it start with Courtney upset because the Dr said she wasn't special, but she ends up being the 1st woman on the moon plus - the fact the Dr doesn't really do anything to interact with the events of the show but in the end is trying to let them all know that He doesn't NEED to do it all - sometimes humanity CAN be special when it needs to be.
    I don't think Clara got the message, but I did.... unless I watched it wrong.

    1. I agree with you Bumferry Hogart. At least that's what i got from the episode, that humanity is capable of making the right choice if left to their own devices.
      Clara needs to stop seeing the Doctor has the one who has all the answers.

  2. I tend not to see Dr Who and I have been away fighting Zombies and stuff with pointy sticks so watching was not an option in this case anyway.

    The moons an egg seems a bit far fetched to me, now I like to think I'm able to go with this ideas mostly. You know I have a bit of imagination I think I even wrote a post about those huge space lizards once, but the moon an egg no way. Poor old spiders they get a bad name just because they bite have lots of legs and six eyes and suck the insides out of things, it seems a bit unfair.

    Right I'm off to let folk know I'm back.

    Keep up the good work Master Meglos

    1. The moon as an egg was a great concept, even if a little far-fetched.

      You forgot that they also have 49 knees as well Rob. Even though you don't watch the show, you still time to comment, so thank you Rob.