Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

2 October 2014

Doctor Who, An Oddity Through Time And Space. #2 Malcolm Tucker Is The Doctor.

Why does this cartoon version of the Doctor, look a bit like David Tennant after contracting a flesh eating bug?


  1. I feel you should put your fingers in your ears Master Meglos and shout LA LA LAL AL AL AL AL AL LA LAL AL LA LAL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL AL LALAL la la la la la la a lot. Swear words are not good they are the easy option and clever folk should use wit and long words to confuse folk instead. My one area of exemption to this is DIY. . . I always swear loads doing DIY.

    1. Living with a woman who has a mouth like the inside of a public dustbin, i agree with you entirely Rob. I don't find swear words necessary, which is why I went for this bleeped out version and not the one that mater used. (although I did find it funny)

      Despite that, she is very creative when it comes to murdering the English language and that's always good for a laugh.

    2. No matter how dirty my mouth gets, it's still not as dirty as your bedroom floor.

      I do admit though Mr Z, that Meglos here is always telling me off for my use of cuss words. At least that's one part of me he didn't inherit. The deep voice and man hands however...

    3. You are quite right Master Meglos swearing is entirely not needed in life unless using a hammer then it can sometimes help. But I'm sure Miss Lily is entirely lady like most of the time. After all the three things that can ruin ones image or at least dent if badly are Drink Drugs and Swearing

      OK there are others but I would be writing all night to add them all to the list.