Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

28 January 2013

the Eighth Doctor

Paul Mcgann

On Skaro, the Master is put on trial by the Daleks and found guilty of a number of evil crimes. He is executed but before his death, his last  request was for the Doctor to take his remains back to his home planet of Galifrey.
Relaxing In his newly designed TARDIS and with the Master's remain on-board, things start to go wrong for the Doctor.
The case in which the Master's remains are stored, breaks open and a Sentient, a serpent like form, escapes from it. The form then enters the TARDIS control and changes the co-ordinates, steering them towards Earth.
The TARDIS land in San-Francisco, America, on New Years Eve 1999, where late at night, Chinese Gangs fight each other.
The Doctor is unfortunate enough to land where the gangs are present, and is shot through the shoulder. Chang-Lee, the only survivor of his gang, calls an ambulance
At the Hospital, an x-ray discovers that the Doctor has two hearts but the medics believe that it is just double exposure. When the operation goes wrong, they call in special Cardiologist, Grace Holloway but half-way through a cardiac probe, the Doctor wakes up and tells Grace that he needs a beryllium atomic clock before then dying. He is pronounced dead and placed in a Morgue,where during the night, he regenerates.

Meanwhile Chang-Lee having stolen the Doctor's  possessions, finds the key to the TARDIS and sees the Master standing there in his newly acquired body. He tells the gullible Chang that everything in the TARDIS was his and that the Doctor stole his bodies and his past lives.
He uses Chang to try and open the Eye of  Harmony within the TARDIS, an object that could destroy the whole universe when opened.

The Doctor still a little confused from regenerating, begins to remember sections of time before his renewal took place and finding and recognising Grace Holloway in a lift,  follows her to her car.
 Grace examines the Doctor's Heartbeat realising that he does indeed have two hearts and finally his starts to piece together who he really is.
Knowing that the Eye Of Harmony is opening and it's affects, the Doctor confides in Grace, who at first, doesn't believe him until he proves it by pushing through glass, stating that the structure of things is weakening and that they have until midnight, or the universe will be sucked into the Eye of Harmony.

They try using an ambulance to get to the Institute of Technological Advancement  And Research but the ambulance is driven by Chang and the Master who the Doctor has not yet recognised. The Doctor and Grace escape and steal a police motorbike. When they arrive at the Institute, (ITAR) the Doctor is able to collect the integrated circuit chip from the Millennium clock, the most accurate clock in the world and escape back to the TARDIS to install the chip in order to stop the clock from opening. The Master enters the TARDIS, and hypnotizes Grace to knock unconscious the Doctor, who is then chained above the Eye, so that the Master can steal his remaining regenerations. When Chang aware now of the Master's lies, refuses to open the Eye, he is killed.

The Eye Of Harmony has until midnight to open and it half-succeeds. Grace, no longer under the hypnotism of the Master, tries to help the Doctor but is killed when the Master throws her over a balcony.  This action gives the Doctor enough time to throw the Master into the Eye and as it absorbs him, the Eye closes and the TARDIS resurrects both Chang-Lee and Grace. They says a final  Goodbye, after Grace turns down the Doctor's offer to travel with him and he heads back to the TARDIS for a new adventure.

Although the Doctor's Regeneration is not explained, he records a series of Big Finish audio productions.


  1. I never saw this in fact it is the first time I have even heard of this doctor. I suspect by the time this doctor turned up in 1996 I may have already done 1996 was was in 1997 and then he vanished off to 1999 before I got there. So that when I arrived in 1999 he had been and gone and I missed him again. He is starting to remind me of a certain plumber who did something similar.

    I will know more about Doc Who in the end than I thought I would ever know . .. . . . .keep up the good work

    1. Paul Mcgann only played the Doctor once and that was in this movie. Previously there had been a gap of 7 years between the 7th Doctor and the 8th. It was then another 9 years before the BBC brought the series back onto the screen.

      Thank you very very much for all your comments. I really appreciate them all.

  2. I think I stand alone with enjoying this film. I have not seen it for years but Paul McGann makes for a brilliant Doctor. Maybe the film didn't do him justice but if you ever get the chance you should listen to his adventures as the Doctor on the radio or audiobooks. Some of them are really good, and can be a little bit scary (but i do listen to them in the middle of the night!)

    1. Ah Mr H I am glad you are back from your hols I think Meglos needs someone who knows more than I do to comment. I am rubbish at Dr Who I really need to watch some of the episodes some time, but too much to do no time to do it..... well not without a time machine or the seven sided Einstein Cube.

    2. I think you do Bumferry Hogart. Mum hates the film and feels that it would have been better if it was just left to the Brits, instead of having them collaborate with the American production team. I really like it but too much time was spent on Paul McGann being all confused.

  3. I don't remember this film at all, but it sounds like I would enjoy it.