Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

5 January 2013

The Second Doctor

Patrick Troughton
First appearance: The Power Of The Daleks 1966
Last appearance: The War Games 1969

After Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton are bought back to earth, the Doctor is joined by two new companions, Ben and Polly.
They are both present when he regenerates into a much younger man, played here by Patrick Troughton.
Having witnessed his renewal, Polly and Ben are unsure of how to act towards the Doctor and it's is only when a Dalek recognises him, that they finally begin to accept that it is really him.

In this first episode 'The Power Of The Daleks,' we see all three land on the planet Vulcan, where the Doctor is mistaken for an official of earth.
The Doctor soon finds out that a scientist by the name of Lesterton, is trying to bring back the Daleks after discovering them in a space capsule which had crashed.
The people of Vulcan ignore his warnings about the dangers posed by the Daleks, as they begin the process of reproducing themselves in order to take over the colony.

 In this form the Doctor is a portrayed as a warm comedic character and has already fought Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti and even his own people the Time Lords. This second incarnation of the Doctor is  always being kidnapped or threatened. But is was during the war Games where he met his end. Charged with breaking one of the main laws of Galifrey, which was to never interfere with the affairs of other species and planets, the Time Lords put him on trial. Found guilty, they force the Doctor to opt for a new appearance, eventually choosing one for him when he becomes to picky, take away 'the secret of the TARDIS' (Disabling his to travel in it) and exile him to earth, a planet that he understands.


  1. Anyone would think this post was written by a schoolboy or something...oh it bad...

    Congratulations on getting your blog out there at last. And no, I'm not gonna edit it. xx

  2. Okay. I'm just going to admit right here and now, I am a million years old but I don't think you can ever be too old for Dr. Who - "who" ever portrays him! And. I love your blog! :)


    1. Thank you very much for your comment Mimi, I appreciate it.:)

  3. Vulcan! Hey, I know that planet! That's where Spock was born. ;-)

  4. Kelly that made me laugh! I think you're thinking of another (more inferior) sci-fi programme.