Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

7 January 2013

The Third Doctor

Jon Pertwee
first appearance: Spearhead from space 1970
Last appearance: Planet of the spiders 1975

First Episode

After having been exiled to earth by the Time Lords, the newly incarnated Doctor finds himself in Oxley Woods where mysterious meteorites have been appearing.
Investigating these strange happenings, are a specially trained military group known as the 'United Nations Intelligence Taskforce,' (UNIT) who have also been called in to look into the disappearance of people who have gone missing.
The group is lead by Brigadier Alistair Gorden Lethbridge-Stewart, who has worked alongside the Doctor before.

 Stranger still, is the attempted kidnapping of a man from a hospital, whom apparently has two hearts and says that he knows the Brigadier. But having regenerated since their last meeting, Lethbridge doesn't recognise the stranger as the Doctor.

Becoming Earthbound means that now the Doctor can assist U.N.I.T in their search for alien life and help stop hostile invasions from outside of Earth.
The calmer, softer Doctor, finally recognises himself in his third persona just in time to prevent the Nestenes (Autons) from becoming successful in their invasion Of Earth.
With Elizabeth Shaw, a scientific adviser for U.N.I.T, the Doctor encounters Silurians, (the original inhabitants of earth) for the first time, alien ambassadors from Mars and travels to a parallel universe to witness the end of that version of Earth.

Last Episode

When the Doctor meets Sarah-Jane Smith, he becomes very close to regenerating. He travels to Metabelis III  and discovers that giant spiders called the 'Eight Legs,' rule the planet as well as the planet's inhabitants, known as the 'Two Legs.' ( Humans) The ruler of the spiders, The Great One, tells the Doctor that the blue sapphire that he took was vital to the her. The Doctor brings the crystal to the Spider knowing that it will destroy her.
However the Great One warned the Doctor that the patterns within the crystal would destroy the cells in the his body one by one and that's what they do. Arriving on earth after his unexplained dissapearance of three weeks, he collapses to the ground and regenerates for the Third time...


  1. All of this is starting to sound familiar, I think this is the show that Demon Seed and The Devil's Advocate watch and are always telling me bits and pieces about. Your doing a great job!

  2. So it's not just my mum who references me with Satan.

    Thank you very much.

  3. No Spawn, it isn't. I reference both of mine to Satan, it's the closest comparison I can come up with that fits.

    1. I always say to mum, it's the mothers that are evil, not us.