Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

14 January 2013

The Fifth Doctor

First appearance: Castrovalva 1982
Last appearance: The caves of Androzani 1984

First Episode

Suffering from Post Regenerative Trauma, the fifth Doctor rests whilst the Master, his arch nemesis, Kidnaps Adric and uses him to plot the co-ordinates for Event One, which it the First event in history, the big bang.
Nyssa and Tegan take the Doctor to the peaceful planet Castrovalva, where he will recover much quicker than in the TARDIS.
Upon his recovery, the Doctor realises that Castrovalva is actually a Dimensional Paradoxical Trap, set up by  the Master and that the citizens of the planet, are in fact his creations. The Doctor makes the people aware that the Master, their leader, has used a perception filter to not only control them but also to hide his identity. When the people of Castrovalva rise up against him and break free, they are able to finally defeat the Master.

Last Episode

With all original companions gone, the Doctor and an American woman named Peri, arrive on the desolate planet of Androzani Minor, an empty place where the inhabitants are at war with the people from the twin Planet Androzani Major. This is over a rare form of liquid called Spectrox, which increases the life span of whoever uses it. However Spectrox also comes in a more dangerous strain called Spectrox Nest, which is Spectrox in it's raw form.
 When coming into contact with this highly lethal substance, the liquid causes Spectrox toxemia, from which the side effects are cramps, spasms, rashes and death. Unfortunately Peri falls into the Spectrox Nest and both she and the Doctor, develop the Toxemia.
When they later encounter Sharaz Jek, a humanoid  destroyed by the common mud bursts on Androzani Minor, he helps them (mainly because he fancies Peri) to find the cure, which is actually the milk from a queen bat, but there is only enough for Peri.
With Jek dead, shot by a military officer on Minor, the Doctor collapses ontoj the floor of the TARDIS, still having been infected with the toxemia and as Peri recovers, watches as he changes form.

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