Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

2 November 2014

Dark Water. Series 8-Episode 11

*Like Dark Water, this will be a two parter. The review is going to be a long one!*

Dark Water

Written by Steven Moffat
Director:Rachel Talalay
Producer:Peter Bennett
Executive Producer(s):Steven Moffat/Brian Minchin
Length:45 Minutes. Part one of two
Originally Broadcast:1st November 2014


The Nethersphere is not the heavenly place that it had first appeared to be.
The Doctor finally comes face to face with the mysterious Missy, where an impossible choice is fast approaching.



Puss In Boots
Danny Pink
After the timely untimely death of Danny Pink, Clara proves that she will go to any lengths to bring the puppy eyed sap back. This includes stealing all seven of the TARDIS keys and then begging the Doctor to bring him back. When the Timelord refuses, she then threatens to throw the keys one by one, into the lava of a burning volcano, (the only thing that can destroy them) promising that the Doctor will never see inside his TARDIS again.
When the last key is thrown, Clara breaks down and despite her betrayal, vows that she would do it again.

Of course, none of that really happened and the whole scene was induced by a sleep patch (don't ask) that the Doctor had given Clara in order to see how far she would go. Destroying the TARDIS keys and leaving them both stranded at the edge of a volcano for all eternity, I'd say she was prepared to go pretty far.
Undeterred by her disloyalty, the Timelord, in a softer moment, agrees to help her find the dewy eyed one.

Using Clara's grief to tap into Sappy's, sorry I mean Danny's timeline via the TARDIS, they soon find themselves in the Nethersphere, where  Danny is having to fill in forms and answer questions about his state of being...well, dead.
Meanwhile, the Doctor and Clara find the halls of the underworld, lined with the liquefied skeletal remains of the dead. But then the dead arise like skeletons at a Jason and the Argonauts convention and we soon discover that they are in fact Cybermen.

 Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Samuel Anderson, Michelle Gomez, Chris Addison, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung, Bradley Ford, Nigel Betts, John Blackham, Antonio Bourouphael, Jeremiah Krage, Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Cybermen.


  1. Well having not watched it I am not really in a position to make any serious comments but it sounds all a bit odd to me. In fact it sounds almost as odd as some of my own stories and no one reads them much, and in general say I'm mad. As for not getting back into the Tardis somewhere back in time (no pun intended) I have recollections of it having the ability to self think stuff in order to ensure self survival and I suspect even without a key the Dr Would be let back in by the Tardis itself.

    1. I have to say a special thank you for still commenting, even though you don't watch the series. As I pointed out in the review, the Doctor has at times, merely clicked his fingers for the TARDIS door to open. So not sure what the whole only able to destroy with lava thing was about.

  2. Just watched this episode tonight (it's sunday) and i wish i hadn't read about it on a spoiler website.
    I thought the twists (cybermen were quite good and I only guessed Missy's true identity toward the end.
    I hope Danny presses that delete button at the start of the next episode.
    I really do.

    1. Bumferry Hogart, The funny thing about the spoilers was that a lot of the critics has to go back and rewrite their reviews because the clip that they were shown, only showed the Doctor and UNIT battling an enemy. Serves them right for spoiling people's fun.

      I really thought that it might be Susan or the Rani, so the twist was a good one. Watch next week, as a nation prays that Danny presses the button.