Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

20 November 2014


Although not technically a monster, I just couldn't be bothered to change the title for one the few exceptions.



Species: Human
Planet: Earth
Family: Unknown
Weapons: All The main security forces on the planet.
 The Earth
Special Abilities: Why, only the very power of DECEPTION!

Doctor Who
The Enemy Of  The World

Patrick Troughton
Frazer Hines 
Deborah Watling

Born in Merida in the Yucatan in Mexico, Ramon Salamander (a Mexican Patrick Troughton) is soon to be the dictator of the entire planet.
Although supported by the public press and all citizens of Earth, there are some who know what he is really capable of, and even the people that work for him are scared of his power.
Along with this, he has created many natural disasters, that devastate several highly populated areas.

He appears to the public as a philanthropist and yet has an incredible appetite for power. He also bears a striking resemblance to the Doctor.
In 2013, he murdered several officials in and replaced them with those of his own. Other people in high positions of power, that he could trust,
  In 2018, one of the people killed, was the highly respected Jean Ferrier, the finance deputy of the European Zone and the father of Main character Astrid Ferrier.

These officials were at times killed by people that worked for him but were too scared too oppose him under the circumstances.

Any who oppose him are killed or hunted down. Some by him, others by his lackeys. Even those whom are among the most trusted and loved people by the population of Earth.
He brainwashes a small section of human Scientists to believe that a war, that had supposedly ended five years ago, has left the planet a radio-active wasteland. It is these same people that don't even know that they were creating the natural disasters that are targeting the cities and towns above.
Never actually meeting the Doctor until Part Six of the 1967 Story THE ENEMY OF THE  WORLD, and in order to try to get a look inside his TARDIS, he tricks Victoria and Jamie into thinking that he is the Doctor but could never speak due to his Mexican accent.


  1. That is the problem with the people of Earth they always pick the wrong leaders. If I was in charge I would tell them that I was in charge and that was it, as they are rubbish at picking leaders. Then I would make them all be really nice or they would be in deep trouble . . . .

    Actually I did tell some folk that I was in fact the ruler of all Earth but they refused to obey orders. . . . It was not a good start to my effort at world domination, but I have not entirely given up yet, as I am practicing on the cat. If I can get him to do what I say Humans will be a piece of cake. . . .

    1. Ooooo the world of cyberspace is rather quiet at present ever since I mentioned Harry Potter . . . .A bit odd

  2. Oh how I love the Troughton. Hmmm, amazing how some of the storylines in Doctor Who, has a relevance on what is going on in the world today.

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