Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

13 November 2014


Now that the current series of Doctor Who has ended and the tears have dried, it's time to move on with a new topic. On Thursdays, I shall document my favourite  Monsters/aliens/villains, beginning with the Autons.

 Name: Autons/ Nestene Consciousness
 Home Planet: Nestene Home world
Encountered by the third, ninth and eleventh Doctors
Appearance: Plastic humanoids
Leader: The Nestene Consciousness 
Weapons: Gun implanted in the hand

Spearhead from space 1970
Terror of the Autons 1971
Rose 2005
The Pandorica Opens 2010
   The Big Bang  2010

3 hour long specials in the late 1990's
The trilogy includes:
Auton 2-Sentinel
Auton 3 (Working Title: Awakening)

An Auton Attack from the Auton Trilogy

The servants       

 The Regular Auton resembled more of a plastic shop mannequin then a human.This is because the Autons are made up entirely of living plastic.
Their leader, the Nestene Consciousness, is a disembodied creature that was almost destroyed in the Last Great Time War.
The Consciousness is also completely composed of plastic and so every Auton and Nestene
 contains a small piece of the Consciousness. It is this small portion, that animates them.
The Autons do not speak, although the creator is telepathic and on one occasion, the Auton leader spoke in a robotic voice.
These creatures each contain a weapon concealed within the left Hand.
 Autons can activate this by simply allowing the four fingers to drop down. This weapon has the power to kill or vaporize and can temporarily disable a Dalek. They are excellent trackers and can find other creatures with their brain-waves. They are also immune to bullets.


More sophisticated Nestenes can take on the form of humans. They can also duplicate another being, but often speak in a flat sounding voice. Apart from the voice, they also have a slight sheen to the skin. The original versions of people were kept alive however, to stabilize the copy.
A copy of the swarm leader, known as Channing, was created during the first Auton invasion of Earth in 1970's Spearhead From Space
When Doctor Who returned in 2005 with Rose, a copy of Rose Tyler's boyfriend Mickey, was copied  to collect information about the Doctor.

Auton Mickey Smith

Normal Mickey Smith
Auton Mickey smith seems to have a thing for Pizza.

In 1971's Terror Of The Autons, we discover a new type of even more advanced Autons. These ones were much more realistic and were accurate in both movement and actions. This set of Nestenes were implanted with false memories and so believed themselves to be the original humans that they duplicated. The models taken from a memory print of Amy Pond, in 2010 Pandorica Opens, could mimic humans perfectly and as used as a sleeper  agent. Though somehow, perhaps due to Amy's proximity to a time crack her entire life, one of the duplicated copies from her dead fiance,`resisted the control of the Nestene Consciousness although it managed to shoot her.

The One Good Auton
''Trust the plastic''

In The Big Bang 2010, we find out that the Autons can exist for a long period of time. Amy's fiance, Rory survived for almost 2000 years between 102 AD and 1996 AD  and showed no visible signs of any sort of decay or erosion, even with the link between the Auton and the consciousness broken.
Although immune to bullets the Autons can be destroyed by heat or radio waves. During the first invasion, the Doctor built a device which sent powerful radio waves out to the Nestenes which killed them. Radio waves interfere with the Consciousnesses' mental control over the Autons.

General Scobie


The original duplicates were again closer to Autons than humans.
These duplicates were faster and more manoeuvrable and a number of famous and well known people, were duplicated and  then displayed at Madame Tussauds. A duplicate of General Scobie (an officer in the British Army)  was manufactured to replace the real Scobie and gain control over the Army.
Channing was an Auton developed to carry out plans for the Nestene which required  a human appearance.
When destroyed An Auton duplicate reverts back into it's pure true form of an Auton.

Time to go now.

Next Week: Leader Salamander (Or a Mexican Patrick Troughton)



  1. I remember when we saw the Autons at the Doctor Who exhibition. Those were scary buggers up close. Looking forward to reading about more monsters/aliens and villains.

    1. I was seven and every time they moved, I wanted to cry. I thought we were going to get shot. They scared the hell out of me.

  2. I'd completely forgotten how Rory came back from the dead.
    Very well put together piece. Good work.

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    1. Poor Rory. He came back from the dead at least 4 times. I think after the 2nd time, I would have just stayed home.

      Thank you. Next week is the turn of 'Salamander'.

  3. That second pic with AUTON written in the middle. Well if that is not President Putin I'm a Parrot.

    Pieces of eight. . . polly wants a peanut . . . .What?

    It explains many things me thinks.

    YO HO HO and a bottle of Rum.

    1. Why dies Polly want a peanut? She might have an allergy.

      I never noticed that before. It makes sense that Putin is an Auton.