Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

30 November 2014

Monsters of the Whoniverse part 3: The Rutans

They don't really look like thus of course, except for in the games.
Ha Ha!

Home Planet: Ruta 3
Species : Rutan 
Special Abilities: Shape-shifting techology
Weapons: natural electrical defence systems.

Television Appearances: One:

Mentioned several times in previous episodes but never seen, the Rutans, fearless and ruthless enemies of the Sontaran Empire, have been engaged in a Fifty-Millennium long war.

Often spoken of as the winning side, in their one and only on screen appearance, I'm not quite sure that anyone imagined that such a victorious race would resemble these green blobs of nonsense, that wobble onto the set looking like massive radioactive Jellyfish...with extra green blobs of nonsense on them.
And yet, their appearance still doesn't prevent them from being incredibly powerful and manipulative.

Shape shifters with the ability to electrocute with a simple touch, the Rutans manage to eradicate almost the entire occupants of the lighthouse Fang Rock. These glowing blobs of Biomatter with their long rope-like tentacles, add to the whole Jellyfish theme, and when they speak, their voices are high-pitched, tinny and on occasion, male, even though they don't have a mouth to speak out of... because that would just be plain ridiculous.
When referring to themselves, it is always as a group unit, "We"or "us", suggesting that there is some form of hive mind, a link between the Rutans.

Upon murdering an old lighthouse keeper, Ruben, the first to die at Fang Rock, the Rutan then take his form and use it to appear as though nothing is amiss. They do however, resort to killing those who interfere, using the same method of electrocution as they would in their pure form.
Although maintaining the image impressively well, they did admit to the Doctor that they find human form difficult to hold.
Look at the fantastic special effects!

Next Week:
The Zygons 

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  1. Dr Who stories always look logical on the TV but once they get written down somehow they start to look a bit mad . . .

    Special effects have come a long way in recent years, I remember watching Blakes Seven where cardboard spacecraft were the norm. . .

    I hope yourself and Miss Lily are both well and looking forward to Christmas. . .