Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

1 September 2014

Into The Dalek. Series 8-Episode Two

Into The Dalek


Having saved soldier Journey Blue from being killed by Daleks, the Doctor takes her back to a rebel space station, code-named Aristotle where  he is thanked by her uncle Colonel Morgan Blue. However, as thankful as Blue is that the Doctor saved his niece, he still orders his soldiers to execute the Time Lord not wanting to take the chance that he might be a 'Duplicate.' (A Dalek spy)

Journey however, informs her uncle that not only did the Doctor save her, but weren't they in need of a 'Dr' anyway. Morgan relents, upon which the Doctor is shown the patient...a Dalek.
 But this is no ordinary Dalek. This is a 'good' Dalek, one  that believes that all other Daleks MUST be destroyed.

In order to determine what is making Rusty good, (a nickname given to it by the Doctor) the Time Lord and his companions, are miniaturized and inserted into it's eyepiece.

The Doctor and Rusty


So along with the new Doctor,  not only do we also find ourselves with a more modern theme tune, opening and closing credits and TARDIS interior, we also discover that the Doctor has a brand new persona, as do they all. But, is it me or does the Doc seem more cold than previous incarnations? A bit like Hartnell in An Unearthly Child, where he argues that the natives aren't worth helping because they are mere savages.

In Into the Dalek, this coldness becomes apparent when the Time Lord doesn't seem to spare a thought to soldier Ross, as he is surrounded by Daleks antibodies and then obliterated to dust, simply citing that he was dead anyway and that he (the Doctor) was trying to save them, the rest of the crew.

Also incorporated into the episode, is a side story involving the relationship between Clara and new teacher, Danny Pink. An obvious taster of a bigger plot line to come concerning the two.

Unlike last weeks episode Deep Breath, this particular installment didn't leave any lasting impressions. For me, it was just simply another Dalek story, although the idea of a Dalek being 'good' was an intriguing one. (I liked the part where the Dalek fleet were so enraged, that they were almost incoherent)
And although, villains like The Cybermen are and will always remain firm favourites for Whovians, has Moffat overdone the whole Dalek thing? Since Who begun in 1963, there have been roughly ninety-six on-screen story lines involving the metal pepper-pots, more than any other alien monsters featured in the series. Should the old adversaries be laid to rest once and for all? I hope not, but maybe it is time to give them a much needed break.

 So far, the most interesting person to appear, has to be Missy who has appeared towards the end of this and last week's episode. Are the deceased Half-Face Man and Gretchen Allison Carlyle really in heaven? And what role will Missy play in future episodes?
One thing is for certain and that is that the heavenly Missy is not exactly as she appears. Or maybe she is, because she appears to be crazy.
Missy, crazy woman or Saint?

On a side note, did anyone notice that the word Aristotle at a glimpse, becames A***hole?


  1. What can I say I have not seen a Dr Who in years, I always seem to be doing other stuff when he is on. You know the sort of thing fending off Zombies, trying to stop Banshees scaring cows in the fields next to us and stuff like that.

    So the news of a GOOD Dalek was like. . . .Are they kidding they can not be serious, have they watched the old dalek stories, did they listen to what the original Dr Who said about this critters. . . They are bad. . .all bad. I dont think turning round and telling us that underneath that hard exterior they are just a bunch of softies . . . .(OK yes technically they are but thats not the point. . . . .) is going to help one bit. . . I just hope that the good Dalek moonwalks into the sunset singing WHO's Bad . . .

    Well done Master Meglos and as always say hello to Miss Lily.

    1. Oooo yes the A word yes spotted that, but it is tough being an Aristotle

    2. Rob now i have an image in my head of Rusty moonwalking. That's not right. That's not right at all.

      The Doctor is right, the Daleks are bad and always will be. It was only the radiation that caused Rusty to expand his mind and see beyond the hatred. Without the radiation, he would still be just be another Dalek.

    3. As for mater and the word Aristotle, i was doing my best to ignore it until she blurted out the expletive...loudly.

  2. Missy has me wondering if she is the Rani, or just another Moffat Monster...

    1. David, that is an interesting theory. It's not implausible and she's crazy enough. Although the Rani proved to be a worthy adversary, why would she now appear? Intriguing.