Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

22 September 2014

Time Heist, Series 8-Episode 5

Time Heist

Written by Steve Thompson/Stephen Moffat


"This is a recorded message. Interaction is not possible. The last clear memory of anyone in this room is of receiving a contact from an unknown agency. I am that agency. The details of what has happened since, have been erased from your minds for your own protection. 
Pay close attention to the following briefing. 
This is the bank of Karabraxos. The most dangerous bank in the galaxy. A fortress for the super rich. If you could afford your own star system, this is where you keep it. No one sets foot on the planet without protocols. All movement is monitored. All air consumption regulated on pain of death. DNA is authenticated at every stage. Even your unauthorized presence on this planet will have been detected. Your lives are in danger. The bank of Karabroxos is protected by the deadliest security system ever devised. Today you are going to rob the bank of Karabraxos. 
Welcome to the heist."

Along with a Cyber Augmented Gamer (Psi) and human-mutant shapeshifter (Saibra), the Doctor and Clara are instructed by the mysterious Architect to break into Karabraxos, one of the most secure and dangerous banks in the universe and face the terrifying 'Teller.'

The intrepid gang outside the bank of Karabraxos
What is it about Moffat and his telling people what not do do? First there's "Don't Blink" (Blink),
"Don't breathe" (Deep Breaths), "Don't look/Don't turn your head" (Listen) and in Time heist, "Don't think."

The memory was I writing again?
After having their memories wiped by memory worms, (first used in the 2012 Christmas special The Snowmen) the Doctor, Clara, Psi and Saibra find themselves in the depths of  Bank Karabraxos, with no idea how they got there. Listening to a recording left by the Architect, they discover that each of them had not only agreed to have their memories wiped but to also take part in the heist. But first they have to get past the Teller, an alien that is able to detect a person's guilt and then feed upon it.

The Teller
The result of the Teller having Guilt for breakfast
 Ms Delphox, Head of Karabraxos and keeper of the Teller (Keeley Hawes), makes an excellent villainous. This woman is so cold, she could make a Polar Bear freeze. Apart from the Master and Davros, the female villains always seem more evil in their intent, or intent in their evil. Think Madame Kovarian, or Ms Hartigan.

Ms Delphox. As cold as a Penguin's posterior 
So far, this had been one of the most enjoyable episodes. I particularly enjoyed the measures such as not being able to enter a room without a breath reading and the visual appeal of the Teller, though I thought that he had a kind of sadness about him.

(Spoiler Alert) My only complaint is the end scene where the Teller is freed and walks away with his mate, which is very much like the ending to the 2013 episode Hide in which 'the crooked man' finds it's mate and walk off like a romance novel, into the sunset.


  1. I really enjoyed this episode, for me, the best so far. Agree with you about the ending. Looked like two people in costume being left to roam free.

    1. You do know I live in the same house as you, don't you?

  2. ooooooooo I may watch this it sounds good although I now know the end. . . I like to know the end of things before I watch them, I find I enjoy stuff better if I know the red seagull that ate the man in the coat is in fact a mechanical beast and falls into the ravine of failed dreams and is destroyed.

    1. Rob, i thought that i was the only one. If someone tells me the plot-line to an entire movie, i can still enjoy it.

      I think i've seen that episode of which you speak. Teletubbies i recall.

    2. Yes I always feel you can see how well any plot works if you know where the plot is meant to go. A rubbish end can ruin everything unless you know in advance it has a rubbish ending. It gives you time to work out a better one as things progress.

    3. Also if the film sounds rubbish, then I don't have to waste my time watching it.

  3. So what happens when the Silence and Memory Worms have a get together?
    I thought it was a great episode. Like you the ending seemed to familiar

    1. I think if that happens, a parallel universe would arise that would cause a paradoxical equation of such great magnitude, that it would force the entire population's memories to...what was the question again?