Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

12 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: Part Four


Story: The Armageddon Factor
Mawdryn Undead
Years: 1979 and 1983
Doctors faced: The Fourth and the Fifth
Companions faced: Romana 1, Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough

Played By Valentine Dyall

The Black Guardian, the Guardian of Darkness who has been in a constant rivalry with the White Guardian, the Guardian of Light and peace. The two of them are needed to maintain the equilibrium of the Universe, whatever that may be. But in order to maintain this quibribliam-brilililium-thingy of the universe, a perfect cube was constructed: The Key To Time. Scattered into Six segments, the key was put back together again by the Doctor, K9 and his new companion Romana, who hunted down all six of the strewn pieces.
Where the White Guardian wanted to use the cube to restore the balance of the universe, the Black Guardian would have used it for something, totally, utterly evil, an evil which is never actually explained. The species of the Guardians is the Guardians Of Time and they are even more powerful than the Time Lords themselves
The Key To Time
The Black Guardian, much like all others, is able to disguise himself as anyone he wishes and has the power to influence anyone. He works in bargaining with people and after a car crash on Earth at a boarding school in the 20th century, populated by schoolboys who look to in their mid 20's, Vislor Turlough was saved from death by the Black Guardian himself. The two of them strike a bargain, the condition being that if Turlough kills the Doctor, he can return home back to his own planet of Trion.
Turlough and the Black Guardian

 But Turlough was a brat with attitude and suspiciously ginger eyebrows and failed the Guardian who then tried to kill him. When the Doctor denied the Black Guardian Access to the Key To Time, the Guardian tried to take control of Enlightenment. But a race of powerful immortal beings called the Eternals, decide to entertain themselves to pass the boredom. They have a space race to reach enlightenment, which can bring all your desires and wishes into being. A crystal of colossal size, one Eternal, Captain Wrack, who was also a follower of the Black Guardian, was prepared to kill to gain the crystal. 

The crystal Enlightenment behind one of the Eternal's Ships

The Eternal Captain Wrack

However, when the Black Guardian was denied enlightenment, not only by the Doctor but by the  White Guardian also, he threw a bit of a temper tantrum. And as is always the result of temper tantrums, he burst into flames, screaming.

Because he admires all things dark and evil, it is believed that the Black Guardian was somehow responsible for Vampires becoming true Vampires with a full moon. He saw potential of them being creatures of Chaos.

He did lead two more attempts to reclaim the Key To Time but because he's a little bit useless, he failed both times. (In the Audio adventure DESTROYER OF DELIGHTS and the comic adventure TIME AND TIME again)

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  1. Well Master Meglos I have to say you do rather of good job of telling it as it is with Dr Who. I remember bits of it from the days when my brain functioned in a normal way and in my mind it seems rather good. But as with all things the good bits have many rubbish bits in between. . .

    It is like watching the shooting stars last night, there was patchy cloud here and I got to see one and a strange thing (it was very strange). But most of the time I was looking upwards looking at night listening to small critters scurrying about near the pond.