Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

1 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: part one


Not all the villains in the Doctor Who Universe are actual monsters. This portion of the blog about villains, which will run alongside the monsters and aliens section.


Madame Karabraxos

Story: Time Heist
Year: 2014
Doctor faced: The Twelfth
Companion faced: Clara Oswin Oswald

Played by Keeley Hawes

Madame Karabraxos. Is a heartless psychopath with no remorse, who likes to burn her own clones. How could you not love this, cold, unfeeling woman?
One of Madame Karabraxos's clones: Miss Delphox

In Charge of the Bank of Karabraxos, Madame Karabraxos would create clones of herself to take charge on the surface, whilst she hid underground in the private vault with her own fortune. Greedy wretch. But because she hates her own clones, because she can't stand looking into her own eyes and seeing what lies behind them, she has the clones violently incinerated. 'Fired with pain', destroyed and completely wiped from the very face of existence! This is a woman to be adored.
She will quite willingly have people killed and brutally murdered and not bat an eyelid and this is why she makes an almost perfect Villain.
She ensures that intruders to the bank, are either incinerated or turned into 'spoonheads, where their brains are completely removed but yet the victims still remain alive. This is what she would term 'security'. Karabraxos then has the spoon heads put on display for all other would-be-intruders to stare at and be scared.
A marvelous, wonderful woman.

When solar flares threatened to destroy the bank of Karabraxos, Madame Karabraxox (COULDN'T THE WOMAN HAVE CHOSEN A SHORTER NAME FOR HERSELF, SHE RUNS A BANK FOR JEZEBEL'S SAKE!) fled the planet with some of her smaller, more accessible riches, as well as the Doctor's number which he leaves for her, telling him to call her. 
The age difference is a bit disgusting but...

It turns out that the reason the Doctor actually left Karabraxos her number, was so that when she eventually became a decrepit old husk on the verge of death, full of regrets, she could call him and ask for help..
And so she did just that, opening the conversation with " I'm full of regrets" and when the Doctor, Clara and their two allies on this venture, Psi and Saibre realise this, they also realise that she probably was referring to the creature that she had kept locked up. 
The Teller that was used by Miss Delphox
For you see, Karabraxos kept two creatures. One that was always locked up, never to be seen by the public and the other which was used by Miss Delphox to detect the guilt of others. She called this one 'The Teller'. But The Teller was always treated as nothing more than a pet and always seem to have a certain sadness in it's eyes. So when the Doctor freed the locked up creature, the two aliens were finally reunited and set free. 
Miss Delphox and the Teller in the background
And watching them walk off into the sunset, these two slightly disgusting blobs of grey and brown holding hands, or whatever the equivalent it, growling all the way, is a heartfelt, touching moment and not sickening and queasy to watch at all. No, absolutely not at all.

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