Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

7 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: Part Three

Story: The Curse Of Fenric
Years: 1989
Season 26: Story Three
Doctor faced: The Seventh
Companions faced: Ace

Played By Dinsdale Landen and Tomek Bork

Ancient evil from the Dawn of Time, Fenric has the power to change the future of the Earth itself. So what magnificence does he choose to inherit his power? The body of a crippled middle aged man. Some say he is as old as the universe itself, that's Fenric, not the middle aged man. However, it is believed that he originated in a universe before this one.

"Peek-A-Boo!" says the Haemovore

 Fenric first encountered the Doctor in the 3rd century  AD, Constantinople, where he had adopted the identity known as Aboo-Fenran. Fenran had been terrorizing the area when prince El-Amjad tried to get him to leave. Fenric agreed but only on the conditions that he claim the first thing that the Prince named when he returned to his castle.  This was the Prince's youngest daughter. Unable to part with his child, El-Amjad instead, sent Fenric a chest of gold. But when Fenric learned of this, he decided to continue to ravage the countryside.
Fenric in another host body.

When the Doctor arrived however, he challenged Fenric to one of the cruelest and most challenging games of all. Chess.
 The Doctor manages to convince Fenric that with one more move, he would win the game. And so Fenric spent another 40 days trying to figure out what that winning move might be. Each day, he grew weaker and weaker, by which point the Doctor was able to trap Fenric in a flask and banish him to the Shadow Dimensions.

The inscriptions warning others of Fenric

Fenric became an established character in Norse Mythology and that is where the name came from. The myths described a monstrous wolf which would destroy the world at the end of time during the final battle between Gods and Beasts.
However Fenric's power were such that he was able to set into motion a chain of events that would eventually ensure his escape.

The Great One...Oh dear.

He summoned the Ancient One, a being known as a Haemovore from the future. When Vikings stole his flask in around the 10th century, the Haemovore followed then to Northumbria and Maidens's Point and the Vikings buried the flask, warning that it was cursed, in runic inscriptions.
The Haemovores waited underneath the waters of Maiden's Bay gradually recruiting more and more members. And there, the Haemovores, also known as the Wolves of Fenric. awaited their Master's release.


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