Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

4 August 2015

Doctor Who: Villains Of The Whoniverse: Part 2



Story: The Enemy Of The World
Years: 1968
Doctor faced: The Second
Companions faced: Victoria Waterfield, Jamie McCrimmon

Played by Patrick Troughton

A Mexican Patrick Troughton. I mean, how could I resist? how could anyone resist?

Look at it. Look at it in all of its Salamandered Glory. This is what they should all be like.

In the Twenty-first century, a man known as Salamander had not only been causing natural disasters, but he had also been slowly trying to gain dominance over the planet. Completely loved by the public, Salamander attempted to take over the world by having such a positive influence on the people, both the public and presumably the politicians. But he hadn't been doing this alone. And so to aid in the destruction of the planet through various natural disasters, he took a few dozen people, convinced that the world had been savagely ravaged (He, he) by a nuclear war and he placed them underground, forever sealed off from the outside world above. Completely oblivious to the fact that they are aiding Salamander in the murder and destruction of their own people, these underground dwellers, carry out research and operate pieces of machinery at his command as they create the disasters plaguing Earth.

Salamander always has with him a somewhat creepy grin and looks constantly untrustworthy and so
it was probably his idea that all those who work for him wear tight, leather outfits.
He does try to gain access to the TARDIS by posing as the Doctor at the end of the Story but due to his natural inability to fake a convincing British accent (just as Troughton failed to fake a convincing Mexican accent) he was discovered and thrown out into the Time Vortex whilst the TARDIS was in flight. But who knew that in 1968, the Time Votex looked like a light shower of large sparkly, silvery sequins in front of pitch blackness? 

Salamander Ecotechnology
Shopkeeper Of The World

Here, Salamander describes himself as the Shopkeeper Of The World.
Not a job that I would usually like to be associated with but Salamander is a bit insane.
Leave him to his ways.
Leave him to his poor life choices.


  1. I must have watched this back in 1968 but I can not remember anything about anyone called Salamander. I was never really a fan of Patrick Troughton but of course back in those days Dr Who was on a tight budget and things were made with cardboard and cello-tape.

    I wonder if this is where Mad Maggie got her ideas for power from she always said she was a shopkeeper' daughter and I did hear rumour that her dad spent a lot of time sitting in fish tanks. And these were the days when folk would often say Better Dead than Red. . . And that is a very red critter you have a pic of.

  2. Mr Tobor sir, I shall have you know that some of the greatest things in existence were forged with just cardboard and cello-tape. Such as a multi purpose cardboard box that has been stuck together by cello-tape. Troughton is in fact a favourite of mine and this was one of his better stories. It was lost from the BBC archives for 45 years and was recently recovered and put on a Digital Versatile Disk.
    Regarding Mad Maggie, possibly so and the red salamander is in fact drenched in the blood of mortal scum and strawberry Jam.
    Because everybody loves Strawberry Jam.

  3. Wow, with that last comment, I don't know whose crazier. You or Mr Z.

  4. Amazing content on thee site, thanks!