Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

17 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File O - Ogri


Rocks made of foam, on wheels. And a shiny woman.

Behold, foolish reader, the awesome power of the STONES! As part of 'THE KEY TO TIME SEASON,' (1978) THE STONES OF BLOOD brought us the Origi, creatures that fed off globulin from a planet known as Ogros.

The Doctor standing in a stone circle, where some of the Ogri have disguised themselves.

The Ogri were capable of movement...of  sorts. They seemed to move incredibly smoothly and given their rocky environment, wheels attached the base, may have been involved. They would glow when they moved and were just taller than a normal humanoid being .

Two Ogri together, both inactive.

The Orgri were composed of silicone and when dead, would turn into a grit like substance which would be more than useful during the snowy climate.
Although looking just a little bit foam like, they could withstand massive amounts of damage and apparently weighed up to three or four tons. They do not seem to able to communicate, probably because they looked like useless stones, and although they were not very intelligent, they could be programmed and modified to be intelligent. The Ogri also had very long lifespans, sometimes living up to or over 1000 years.

On Earth, the protein that they fed upon was called Globulin, which can also be found in blood. So whenever a victim touched an Ogri, they would have all their blood drained from them. However, on screen and despite only being drained of their vital fluids, all that would remain of the victims was their skeletal remains.
But then who would be stupid enough to see a massive foam-looking glowing, pulsating stone coming towards them, and willingly place their hands on said stone for up to half a minute, while they are slowly being drained?

A Victim of the Ogri.

Master Meglos


  1. One of my favorite episodes!

    I am going to have to read through all your posts now.


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