Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

9 April 2015

A-Z Of Doctor Who Monsters and Villains:File G-Gavrok

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And now, in this seventh installment of the A-Z Challenge, comes the versatile subject of the alcoholic and the drug addict, represented here in the form of Garvrok, the ruthless and merciless leader of the Bannermen. As you can see, Garvrok has been on the 'Special Stuff.'
He has been sniffing...quite a lot of the 'Special Stuff.'

The Chimeron Queen Delta

In 'Delta And The Bannermen' Part One, (1987) we can see the Bannermen invading the planet Chimura, home planet of the Chimerons. But the Chimeron Queen, Delta, the last of her race, escapes carrying her egg, and soon we have a happy squishy, mutated slime ball hatched from what resembles a large Golf ball. This, is the future of the species.

The media has deceived you. This is what all Human babies really look like. Repulsive green and with no proper face. It is already all wrinkly and saggy.
It is why I detest the Human young.
Even so, my 'Baby years' were, to date, the best and most fun years of my entire life.
The egg. Squish.

Intent on wiping out the Chimeron, Gavrok makes contact with a mercenary on Earth who tells him that he has found Delta, in exchange for the reward of One million Units. But Gavrok kills him before he can get the proper location of Delta or give the mercenary his money. Cheapskate.
It is presumed that he does have the money though but we all know what he's planning to spend it on. (But shhhh! No-one can no know about the 'special stuff')

MEAT! Gavrok with the munchies.
Utterly psychotic and a little on the animalistic side,Gavrok is even willing to kill his own men, If he wished, he could take over the galaxy, being perhaps the most horribly crazed and disgusting war villain that the seventh Doctor has ever encountered.
Until he got blown up at the end.
Oh well.

Master Meglos


  1. It is a point worth remembering, trying to take over the universe normally gets you blown up somehow. So Master Meglos if your long term plan still has world domination in it avoid anything that goes bang. . . .

    Well done only 345 letters to go YICKS. . . . . . . Oooooo No its OK I'm looking at the wrong alphabet. PHEW

    1. Rob, I don't plan on using anything that goes bang. I shall dominate the world with the use of mind control and possums.

  2. Didn't you start out as a cute little prickly sprout?
    Was it is episodes like this one, and The Kandyman that had the show canceled...Or was it the accursed one Michael Grade!!!

    1. Of course it was the evil one Grade, although this and Kandyman played their parts. I did like the Kandyman though, even though he looked like a deformed and slightly deranged Bertie Bassett. And let's not forget Fifi, who looked liked she was being pulled around on castors.