Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

14 April 2015

A-Z Of Doctor Who Monsters and Villains:File K- KRYNOIDS


"I suppose you could call it a Galactic Weed, though it's deadlier than any weed you know.
On most planets, the animals eats the vegetation. On a planet where the Krynoid are established, the Vegetation eats the animals."

An entirely hostile and intelligent form of plant life, the Krynoid can grow to extraordinary sizes and devour whole buildings.To reach these sizes, the Krynoid goes through several stages beginning as a simple pod and seeds, to a massive tentacled monster.The aim of the Krynoid is simple: to win against all of animal kind, for eating and consuming plant life.

What? Have I got something on my face?
This is the beginning of the Krynoids' life cycle. This pod whenever it comes into close contact with another living being, will open up, separate into four segmented parts and the creature inside will attach itself to its victim.
If anything, the Krynoid pod is the less successful cousin of the Alien egg.
Although instead of a facehugger, the Krynoid creature attaches itself to the arm. like a...Wrist Grabber

'In Space No one Can Hear You Scream'
In Space no-one can hear your meek and mild yelps of shock and horror
Once infected, the victim's heartbeat slows down rapidly and schizophytes are found in the bloodstream, a clear indicator of plant life.
The skin soon becomes green and tendrils begin to appear. The host is now losing all of it's former personality and will begin to kill and turn hostile, though not necessarily in that order.

Now a vaguely humanoid blob of vegetable nonsense, tendrils are attached to the end of each arm and the Krynoid creature is no longer capable of speech.
It's not long before the Creature turns into a yomping mess of green and rubber and small red suckers, bouncing it's way through forests.
The Krynoid in it's largest form, is able to speak but how it does so is unknown. The reason may be that they are using the voice box of the host.

The Krynoid also has the ability to control other non alien plants and animate them to such a degree that they are even able to kill. In 'THE SEEDS OF DOOM', 1976 the biggest that we ever see the Krynoid is towards the end of the episode, where it grows bigger than millionaire's Harrison Chase's mansion. It attacks the house while trying to kill the Doctor, Sarah-Jane and a primitive thug known as Scorby.

By now, it's massive tendrils and tentacles have grown and the creature manages to attach itself to the building. However although trying to look menacing, the being does appear to be stuck to the building, almost glued and thrashing around, wrecking the mansion as it does so. This will probably account for why it never moves during an air-attack.

 Vegetable Madness!
What's this funky business happening here?

Master Meglos


  1. You need to have a little look on YouTube at the trailer for the 1955 film The Creeping unknown and you will find where they nicked the idea of the scary beast from. All the best aliens and creepy beasts have their origins back in the fifties, just look at Elvis.

  2. Rob, thank you for that clip, it was brilliant.
    After watching that, I will never find fault with the Doctor Who monsters again. Alright, I probably will.

  3. Replies
    1. David is right. Weedkiller is the essential tool for killing off alien life forms. All Time Travellers and Time Lords carry them around in their Adidas sports bag.