Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

29 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters an Villains. From V to Y

As I am now behind in the A-Z Challenge, the next four posts will be a brief description from V to X.

File V

The vervoid were a plant like species, designed by scientists to be used as slaves. They were not however as my mother describes them, "one set of genitalia inside another."

They look nothing like...oh dear.
As tall as humans, the Vervoids grew in pods which when exposed to a higher range of light, saw them come to life. Their lifespans however, were quite short, meaning that they survived for no more than a year. They were able to release a type of gas from what appeared to be their mouths, when panicked, and shoot poisonous darts from the short tendrils that passed as their arms.
Fed up with being slaves to humankind, the Vervoids decide to destroy the humans and fight for freedom.

Oh dear. Oh very very dear me...


White Guardian

Also known as The Guardian Of Light In Time and although neither a monster or a villain, the White Guardian is an essential character in The Key To Time series. Seen as the embodiment of good, the White Guardian sent The Doctor and companion Romana on a quest to find the the six segments of the key to time, which had been scattered across the universe in many forms. This was essential in order to,  "allow the restoration of balance and order by freezing all time for just a moment."
For just  a moment? Hardly seems worth the effort.

The White Guardian


Xoanon was a supercomputer, thought to be the most powerful in the world. Originally built to guide an expedition, Xoanon with it's sensory links, ability to electrify walls, mind control and blow up half a planet, (Apple must be so jealous right now) soon evolved into a living creature, who then went a bit mad. How mad? Well, it also developed a split personality, that of a woman and a child. They just don't make computers like they used to.

 Xoanon, not playing very nicely with the Doctor.


Looking like a cross between a walking clump of mud and a coat that's been left out in poor conditions, the Yeti is actually mechanical in nature.
Created  by The Great Intelligence, first as protectors and then later as an army, the Yetis were disguised to bend into the surroundings of the Himalayas. 

Does this look like it's blending into it's surroundings to you? Does it?.
The robot yetis, the ' Mark I, had yellow teeth and green eyes, with black claws and feet, which were the only parts not covered by an abundance of fur. The Yeti Mark II however, was much more superior and had hands that were capable of holding web guns.

Oh look at the Yeti blending into it's surroundings. I cannot see it standing next to the TARDIS at all! Why It's just like playing  'Where's Wally?'
The Mark III was superior still and boasted a control sphere that had the ability to turn humans into Yetis via a nano instructor inducing immediate atomic restructuring, I don't know what that means either. Oh,, and they could also fire webs from their claws. 
It is believed by people with obvious mental issues, that the Yeti robots are based on the original Tibetan Yeti.

Master Meglos

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