Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

16 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File M - Mandrels


The Doctor did manage to escape this scenario...eventually...
In a story that could have been one of the darkest to date, the Mandrels were born.
In NIGHTMARE OF EDEN, 1979, scientists in space, are having to sell drugs because their funding has been cut back on Earth.The drug is being smuggled around inside creatures from the planet Eden known as the Mandrels, sort of like intergalactic drug mules. This drug, Vraxoin, is one of the most powerful and lethal drugs in the universe, and from Vraxoin.

They're Everywhere!
 Luckily there's no need to be scared.
Look at them.
Tall, cuddly and with green glowing eyes, the Mandrels stumble along through the corridors of a spaceship hugging people to death, or at least that's what it looks like.They were incapable of speech and roar and growl to look menacing and frightening. It fails. It fails so very miserably.

  To the left, Tryst, one of the Drug Smugglers.
How do you look at him and not just think "DRUGS!"
The only way to kill a Mandrel is through electrocution. It is unclear how they killed their victims as the Mandrels only seemed to pat them, or hit them. Maybe the victims just pretended to be dead so that they could avoid any more suffocating hugs.

...But the Mandrel came looking for him.
It found him
They are also very stupid and can be easily be calmed down with a dog whistle. Foolish puppets.

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Master Meglos


  1. Surely posting posts at this time of night is toooooo late for a young mind Master Meglos. I was just about to head of to bed as it is toooooo late for an old mind and thats for sure.

    I dont remember them but it was a long time ago so they plainly made a big impact at the time. Well done you are doing well it is not an easy subject to create a new post every day on, loads of work.

    1. Rob, its half term, so bedtime isn't an issue during the holidays and I was falling behind with my posts, so decided to catch up.

      They did make a big impact at the time, but it wasn't a positive one.

      Thank you, though it's not been too difficult creating a new post everyday as I knew which monsters and villains I was going to write about.

      Time to hand the laptop back over to a not very happy mater.

  2. On the bright side after they died you could vacuum them up. Keeping everything nice and tidy.

    1. Environmentally friendly aliens. Except for when they weren't being environmentally friendly.

  3. Replies
    1. I feel that the Master would have taken too long. Plus after the challenge, I shall be writing about the 'Many faces of the Master.'