Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

11 April 2015

A-Z Of Doctor Who Monsters and Villains: File I - Ice Warriors

Big Warrior, Small Warrior.
MARTIANS! Doctor who finally has Martians and they are not little or green at all. Well...they're a bit green.
In 1967, 'THE ICE WARRIORS' saw the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive on Earth to find the world being slowly torn apart by giant Ice Glaciers, ideal temperatures and climate for the Ice Warriors.

Big, lumbering, green reptilians, they wear protective armour that doesn't actually do that much because it looks so flimsy. Their voices are harsh whispers and they do actually move their mouths when they speak, unlike so many of the Doctor's classic enemies.
Around the mouth, the skin  is cracked somewhat and the lips spread right across the face...
Much like someone else from Doctor Who's history.

Katy Manning, former companion, does indeed have Ice Warrior Lips
The Warriors themselves, are not of the highest priority when it comes to hierarchy. Above them are the Ice Lords, Grand Marshalls and Supreme Lords.

The Ice Lords
First seen in THE SEEDS OF DEATH 1969
The Grand Marshal is meant to be quite, quite powerful.
That all went out of the metaphorical window as soon as he started wearing these SEE-QA-WINS
The Ice Warriors are also highly honourable and even have their own religion, believing in Claatris, the God of War. Interestingly, they have a term 'Shsuur', which when translated means that often used title in Thunderbirds, M'lady...okay, maybe that wasn't so interesting One can only believe that they are referring to this woman.
I don't know which one is more terrifying. Or unsettling anyway.
In terms of their society and culture, fathers would pass on their lands to their adult sons and so in that respect, they are quite human  which is appropriate given they their planet is right next to Earth.
Their armour is mechanical, meaning that they are part cyborg and their weaponry is mainly in-built. A sonic gun is located on the left arm and easily has the ability to kill in only a matter of seconds.

In 'THE CURSE OF PELADON' 1972, the Ice Warriors allied themselves with the galactic federation and were peaceful, even helping the Doctor and other delegates of the federation. But soon, they were back to their ways two years later in 'THE MONSTER OF PELADON' 1974.

Ice Lord on Peladon in THE MONSTER OF PELADON.
He has a tiny mouth.
He is a disappointment.
In 1983, Warrior Grand Marshal Skaldak tried to launch the world into nuclear war from a Russian submarine. He was captured and put in chains and when he escaped, the Doctor stated that he had never seen one out of it's armoured casing before, because it was seen as such a great dishonour. However, the Warrior let the Earth survive when he was rescued by his people. 'COLD WAR' 2013.

Master Meglos


  1. Ooooooo I remember them but it was a long time ago and I have gone mad and a bit gaga since then. In fact I was OK until I watched them so maybe it is all the fault of the ice cream men (sorry Ice Worriers). I will contact my solicitor straight away, they are going to be in some hot water now. . . . . HAH AHAHAH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah aha h ahha ha ha hah ahah h ahahhahahahahahah ha hah ahahahahahh....

    OOOO I better go and lie down.

    1. I believe the Ice-cream men with their Jangly vans and the Ice Worriers with their anxieties, are part of the same branch as the Ice Warriors.

      The BBC did bring them back recently and not much had changed. Hope you have a nice rest Rob.

  2. Wow! You must be a huge fan.
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    1. Hello Yvonne, I am a massive fan and have been since I was 4 years old. It's my obsession.

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  3. My ancestors used to live on a barge and transported ice - it left me with an affinity for Ice- bet they would have liked Dr Who too

    zannierose A-Z

    1. But would they have like the Ice Warriors?

      I too have an affinity for ice. But I think that comes from being in a country where it never snows and the only ice we have is in our freezers.

  4. They definitely look better in the armour than out, but I guess that Marvin the Martian does also.

    1. I think they're quite cute out of their armour...until they start speaking.