Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

16 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File N - Nimon


The Nimon are a race of powerful dark-skinned humanoid beings, whose egos are so big, that they set themselves up as gods on different alien world just to be worshipped.

Yellow plastic cones made for powerful weapons on alien planets.
They built, maze-like power complexes all over these planets that would generate a huge amount of energy. This would create a pocket black hole for the Nimon to be able to use in order to travel.
Unfortunately they were a laughable displays of nonsense, with their massive heads either making them hunch over or looking like they were about to collapse.
Which one will fall over first?
 Their voices are deep, echoing and annoying and they are quite confused, never quite looking like they know where they are
My goodness, the horns glow!
They are also distant cousins to the Minotaur of ancient Earth mythology, which is apparent by their bull-like heads that really look quite goat like.

The Minotaur from 2011's  THE GOD COMPLEX
The horns at the top of their heads is able shoot out powerful bolts of energy that can kill and they can drain the lives of an entire planet in only a few years. rush then.
It's a wonder that nobody stopped one by pushing it back by its massive head.

Master Meglos


  1. PHew its late I will return tomorrow. . . .

  2. NIMON is just too close to Minion...

    1. But not as cute, or funny as in 'Despicable Me'.

  3. I know this episode gets a lot of grief, but I still enjoyed it.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
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    1. How can you not like a programme where the villain calls one of the central characters a 'meddlesome hussy'?