Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

14 April 2015

A-Z Of Monsters and Villains: File L- Lazarus


Professor Lazarus before the experiment.

Professor Lazarus as a young man.
The Lazarus monster was in fact, professor Richard Lazarus, a man who in 2007, built a genetic manipulation device that could change the genes of a person. Lazarus, who was 76, decided that he wanted to become a young man again. The machine had faults and unlocked within him, dormant genes that were in his DNA. These genes refused to settle and so he kept reverting between human form, two arms and legs, an alternative version of mankind, to a hideous monstrous creature that killed his wife by draining all the moisture from his body and leaving her dry and lifeless husk.
She was an intolerable, insufferable witch-hag however so...he's not that bad.

She doesn't look that much different to when she's dead really.
When the Professor was a child, he had survived World War Two and yet still had such detailed memories of the event. During the London blitz, he hid in Southwark Cathedral.
The Lazarus creature had the ability to climb up walls and ceilings and suck the life out of his victims, just like a spider. But unlike a Spider, sucking it up in a hoover or throwing death stars at it was just not an option.

"Peekaboo! I found you..."
The Doctor and Martha become trapped inside the machine and the Doctor creates an explosion that seems to kill Lazarus. But when the ambulance come to take away his now human form, the gene activates once again, and the crew of the ambulance are stripped of their flesh, blood and moisture.

Throughout the story, the creature kills more women than men.
Dirty sexist monster thing.
Inside Southwark Cathedral, Lazarus tries to drain Trish, sister of companion Martha Jones and head of his PR, but the Doctor uses the noise of the Organ to confuse him. Distracted by the noise, he then falls to his death.Stupid Monster

Master Meglos


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