Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

11 April 2015

A-Z 0f Doctor Who Monsters and Villains:File J-Jagaroth


In 1979, the four part Doctor Who adventure, DOCTOR WHO CITY OF DEATH was broadcast. The final part of this story received some of the highest ever first-time viewing figures, at over 16 million viewers. This was however due to the fact that ITV wasn't broadcasting at the time, (they were on  strike) but people are welcome to believe that it is because of the drama's excellent quality.
Although all those people would be liars. Because although still a classic and whilst the storyline is great and the acting is fine, this just doesn't qualify as quality:

It is wearing a Cravat for goodness sake. A CRAVAT!
The creature above is Scaroth, the last surviving member of the Jagaroth. Millions of years ago, before mankind existed, a Jagaroth spacecraft exploded. This spaceship was the Jagaroth's only hope of preventing them from extinction. Scaroth was the operator of the craft and when it was blown up, the rest of the Jagaroth died out and Scaroth himself, splintered into twelve different parts.

Scaroth in the Jagaroth Spaceship 400 million years ago
 These parts spread themselves out through history and the viewers were treated to a small number of stereotypes along the way. (for example, how other cultures were portrayed)

The 15th century Version of Scaroth
Each new form of Scaroth's, could be easily be ripped off  as if it were made out of rubber. Because it most likely was.
One of the forms that he took, was Count Scarlioni in Paris. Scarlioni planned to steal the real Mona Lisa, having six fakes already bricked up in his mansion. Mona Lisa, what a whiney trollop with no eyebrows. Maybe Leonardo Da Vinci  didn't forget to paint them and actually ripped them off from the moon-headed woman's face in order to get her to shut up.

Miserable Trout

Count Scarlioni in 1979, Paris
His plan was simple. To get an old professor on the verge of exhaustion and death to construct a time machine to go back in time to prevent the explosion and therefore, prevent the obliteration of his species. See, simple. But the plan failed when he went back 400 million years to a papier mache, foam and polystyrene Earth (didn't you just love the SFX at the time?) and then travelled forward to 1979, where out of his disguise,  he and the Time Machine, were shot and destroyed .

(The other five were just...just too obscene to put up here)

Master Meglos


  1. I rather like the painting of the Mona Lisa that Leonardo knew what he was doing with a paint brush. OK he did have a habit of dismantling bodies but we all have little habits that folk dont approve of, just look a the state of my hair its a right mess.

    You need to remember back in 1979 special effects had to be done with cardboard, bits of wood and any scraps from the staff canteen as computers were only just about capable of doing maths and graphics were a no no. So stuff was always a bit dodgy in the world of sci-fi.

    You are getting a bit cynical Master Meglos and starting to sound a bit like your mum. . . . . HA HAHAh ah ah ah ah ahha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah a ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    1. Mr Z, Master Meglos is much more cynical than I am. Much much much much much much much more cynical. In fact, I think he was born cynical. When he finally arrived, he just looked at the midwife and went "meh, is that it?"

    2. I resent the comparison entirely...but it is true Rob.

  2. Hiya .. I've come over from the A-Zers .. and the Dr Who series has lots of followers and I'm sure a wealth of tv effects that would be fun to know about ... I'll watch a programme occasionally ..

    Good luck with the rest of the Challenge - cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary. The Doctor Who series is hugely popular, but I aim to put a different spin on the genre,

  3. I love your A-Z theme. That Mona Lisa as a grey is awesome. I wouldn't be surprised. And yeah, a cravat? Mon Dieu!

    1. Thank you Shell.
      And just what is the purpose of a cravat! It's more useless than Tofu!

    Sorry, I recently watched this episode and couldn't help having this pop up in my head. The best part of this is the Douglas Adams influence, john Cleese and Eleanor Bron.

    1. I agree with you on all the above David. Isn't Cleese an alien though, according to an episode of 3rd Rock From The Sun?