Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

2 April 2015

A-Z Of Monsters And Villains- File B: Bandrils.


I am continuing this challenge with a post on one of the forgotten monsters of Doctor Who, the Bandrils

Oh dear...No wonder they're forgotten

Believe it or not, the image above is meant to be of a a humanoid, reptilian alien from a race of creatures called the Bandrils and as a species, they've proven to be quite useless. Not much is known about these creatures, probably because they're so futile. Come on, look at them. But what we do know, is that this race of aliens, feed on grains from The planet Karfel, home of the Borad, where a creature believed on earth to be the Loch Ness Monster resides. They also look just a tiny bit sad, if those sloping lines underneath the forehead are in fact eyes.

I'd be sad too if I looked like this

The Bandrils appear to have a positive Interplanetary relationship of some kind, with the Karefeleons as their planet is close by but in the Audio adventures 'The Dying Days,' they did make an attempt to invade Earth but failed because they are just a bit rubbish.
Their planet doesn't even have a name, that is just how worthless these things are.
They apparently attend auctions for their Weapons stock. You see, they can't even manufacture their own weapons, that's how utterly and completely ineffectual they are. So in short, if they do try to invade your planet, there's no need to be scared, or even flinch, because once again, they're useless.

the Alien planet Karfel

Also It's quite fun to say:

Your Lord and Master
Master Meglos.

(Google images is useless sometimes)


  1. That critter looks like the cousin of the critter from the film Alien but not quite as scary. As for the Loch Ness Monster my dad heard it when he was about sixteen with his mates who were camping by the side of Loch Ness. They never told anyone and it is a completely unknown true story about the wee beast. It apparently crashed into the water near them breaking a couple of small trees (WELL COOL). But they never told anyone because they thought folk would call then nutters. . .

    Well done Master Meglos keep up the good work

  2. That is a cool story about you dad. My theory is that the Loch Ness originally comes from Hull, and that it is it's offspring that people have seen over the years. Your father might have seen the descendant of the Hull Monster. My mother scoffs at this theory, but her mind isn't open to such wonders and possibilities As yet, I have no concrete evidence that the Hull monster traveled to Scotland, was sighted, didn't like the attention, so went back to Hull where he spawned with a giant fish lady.

    Thank you Rob.

  3. Ah, a mention of the audio adventures (the best way to experience Dr Who).
    I was expecting the letter A to be about the Audio tales, but I guess my mind is not as acutely tuned to the wonders of the universe as others.
    That's why it is not my destiny to rule - to instead to be ruled ... or at best fail miserably at everything I try and do - a bit like the Bandrils I guess ....damn.

    1. Bumferry, after the challenge, I plan to write a few posts on audio books, my favourite so far being Time Reef.

      It matters not that it is not your destiny to rule, for as we all know, that is my job. After I finish uni of course.

  4. Bandril, any relation to Benadryl?

    1. Yes, they both make me want to go to sleep.