Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

7 April 2015

A-Z Of Doctor Who Monsters And Villains:File E-Exxilons



These rejects from those old black and white Mummy films of the 1930s, were primitive beings that lived on the planet Exxilon.
Throughout 'Death to the Daleks' (1974) they remained mostly mute with only three of them having a speaking part at all.
Bellal, one of the speaking, friendly Exxilons
Looking like voodoo dolls created by a Martian Witch Doctor, these creatures glowed on parts of their body and although not villains as such, they were remarkably stupid and amazingly ugly. Their mouths didn't even move when they spoke. 
The Exxilon priest.
See how the mouth is open but never moves?
At the arrival of the Daleks on planet Exxilon, and due to an artificial source draining the power from any type of electronic technology, the TARDIS, along with an Earth space expedition, had also been brought down to Exxilon. This is also the reason why the Daleks in this story had to resort to using Machine guns.
The Great City of the Exxilons, once referred to by the Doctor as 'one of the 700 wonders of the universe'
They discovered that they machine guns worked when they tested them out on their spaceship, by using small TARDIS props. Now considering that the Daleks have no hands, how they happened to create probably thousands of small police boxes is a mystery. Unless they used slaves.
Imagine being a slave commanded to make a million tiny wooden boxes and then paint them blue by a bunch of metal pepperpots with baubles and plungers stuck to them.Would you be scared or secretly trying to hide your laughter as you were ordered to do so?

Dalek weapons testing.
As a race of primitive beings, the Exxilons believe in the practice sacrifice and even have priests of some sort.They try at one point, to sacrifice the Doctor's companion Sarah-Jane Smith, after they find her too close to their precious City, which was the source of the Power loss.

Also inside the City, as the Doctor soon discovers, is a series of primitive tests and traps, featuring strobe lighting, mirrors and terrifying kitchen floor tiles (sounds like a 1970s disco) and of course these:


Master Meglos


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