Whovians Enter Here...

Whovians Enter Here...

21 April 2015

A-Z Challenge Of Monsters and Villains:File Q - Quarks


The Quarks made their first and only on-screen appearance, in one of Doctor Who's biggest failures, 'The Dominators.' (1968) In this story, actually I don't quite know what happens in this story. There is shouting, rocks, volcanic eruptions and tiny robots played by tiny, tiny children. 
The Quarks were the robot servants of a cruel and alien race known as the Dominators, who enslaved different races. They were box like, very primitive, simple and had incredibly annoying high-pitched voices.

Point at them and laugh hysterically! Crouch down to make them look big and scream!
It is unknown what the purpose of the spikes on top of their heads were really for because they didn't actually do anything. They also had large rectangular compartments on their box-like chests, where they could fold their arms.

Wallpaper backgrounds always make for effective alien skies on different worlds.
They also had a catchy little war cry, which went something like this, "Fear Us! For with us now we possess shelves that are unevenly aligned and so will do no good and prove to your organisational needs. But first here, let us just open our doors for you to let you experience just how difficult is to place items on us. THE TERROR!" Can't you just imagine that on Hallmark cards?

In many ways, the Quarks were, or would have been quite useful.
Their Weapons, although appearing to look quite stupid and pathetic, could in fact inflict a lot of damage upon a single being. In rocky terrains, the fire from a lone quark weapon could cause small explosions.

However, they were able to be killed very easily. From having massive boulders crashing into them to having slightly overweight aliens in toga's of some sort push them over, the Quarks were as sturdy as they not very sturdy at all then.

Master Meglos


  1. I would have watched this but since I cant remember last week there is little chance of remembering back then. I like the fold away arms, very useful and its an interesting name for them because 1968 was the year the Quark (the particle) was discovered. Now I wonder which came first, it would be odd if one of the fundamental partials of the universe was named after an aggressive cardboard box

    1. I would suspect that the particle came first. But wouldn't it be good if it was the other way round?

    2. Indeed it would but then cardboard boxes are an integral part of human life many things would not be possible without them.